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Pronouncing Joyce

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Proper names in Joyce's writing can be pronounced in Dublin English in ways which are surprising to those unfamiliar with the dialect. Often the stress falls in unexpected places (as in D'Olier Street), and sometimes the pronunciation itself might not be guessed by speakers outside Ireland (as in Clongowes). The entries below offer Dublin English pronunciations of many proper names in Ulysses and other works - the pronunciations appear in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcription and in audio format. Suggestions for other problematic terms which we could add to this audio glossary would be welcome.

    The pronunciations are NOT intended to represent Joyce's own pronunciation of these terms, but show them represented in a variety of modern "mainstream" Dublin English which is indicative of, but not identical with, the Irish pronunciation with which Joyce would have been familiar.

     A pronunciation key may be found here. We are grateful for the advice of Professor Raymond Hickey on the choice of the key, though any errors of implementation are our own, and to Dubliner and Joyce expert Robert Nicholson for providing the audio representations.

    To view these locations circled on Bacon's Plan of Dublin and Suburbs or the Ordnance Survey inch-to-the-mile map of Co. Dublin (c1898 and 1900 respectively: courtesy of Ian Gunn), click the names in the left-hand column (and then enlarge the map view).
For additional information on these locations, please see Ian Gunn and Clive Hart James Joyce's Dublin: a topographical guide to the Dublin of Ulysses (Thames & Hudson: 2004)

  Adelaide road

the original jews' temple was here too before they built their synagogue over in Adelaide road.



Sir Patrick Dun's hospital, Cape Clear, the glen of Aherlow, Lynch's castle, the Scotch house


  Aldborough House

Near Aldborough House Father Conmee thought of that spendthrift nobleman


  Amiens Street

in the direction of Amiens street railway terminus


Annesley bridge

At Annesley bridge the tram halted


Antient Concert

Antient concert rooms. Nothing on there.



A sire in Ultonian Antrim bade it him.


  Arbutus place

Arbutus place: Pleasants street: pleasant old times.



the Athlone poursuivant and Ulster King of Arms.



Just nice time to walk to Artane


Aungier Street

curtain pole and revolving shutter manufacturer, 16 Aungier street



Ballsbridge. Tourists over for the show.

older /ˈbɒ:lz ˈbrɪʤ/ reflects spelling as two words

  Ballybough bridge

What did you do in the cattlecreep behind Kilbarrack? [...] And under Ballybough bridge?



were they getting on well at Belvedere?


Berkeley Road

Quick warm sunlight came running from Berkeley road


Brian Boruimhe

They drove on past Brian Boroimhe house


Cahill's corner

From Cahill's corner the reverend Hugh C. Love, M. A., made obeisance unperceived


Capel street

Must get that Capel street library book renewed


  Carlisle bridge

John Mulligan, the manager of the Hibernian bank, gave me a very sharp eye yesterday on Carlisle bridge as if he remembered me.

/ˈka:rlaɪl/ or /ka:rˈlaɪl/


Ignatius Gallaher we all know and his Chapelizod boss


  Charlemont Mall

J. and T. Davy, family grocers, 1 Charlemont Mall, Grand Canal


  Charleville Mall

Moored under the trees of Charleville Mall Father Conmee saw a turfbarge


  Clanbrassil street

I, Rudolph Virag, now resident at no 52 Clanbrassil street, Dublin [...] intend henceforth upon all occasions and at all times to be known by the name of Rudolph Bloom.


  Clarendon st

the last concert I sang at where its over a year ago when was it St Teresas hall Clarendon st



When I put my face into it in the basin at Clongowes



the lovely lakes of Killarney, the ruins of Clonmacnois, Cong Abbey, Glen Inagh and the Twelve Pins



Wonder if the dodge works now getting dicky meat off the train at Clonsilla.



handsomemarriedwomanrubbed againstwidebehindinClonskeatram


  Clonturk park

she would never forget her hero boy who went to his death with a song on his lips as if he were but going to a hurling match in Clonturk park.



A timepiece of striated Connemara marble, stopped at the hour of 4.46 a.m. on the 21 March 1896


  the Coombe

Did you hear that one, he asked them, about Mulcahy from the Coombe?



that was an accident coming down Dalkey hill 


Denzille Lane

The Denzille lane boys. Hell, blast ye! Scoot.


  Denzille street

Remember the summer morning she was born, running to knock up Mrs Thornton in Denzille street.


D'Olier Street

Messrs Flower and M'Donald of 14 D'Olier street


Dorset Street

He walked back along Dorset street

or /ˈdɒ:ɹsət/


Mina Kennedy, 4 Lismore terrace, Drumcondra with Idolores, a queen, Dolores, silent.


Eccles Street

I live in Eccles street

also locally

  Ely place

In Ely place, Baggot street, Duke's lawn, thence through Merrion green up to Holles street


Finglas Road

The carriage steered left for Finglas road


Fownes Street

In Fownes's street



Save them, says the citizen, the giant ash of Galway and the chieftain elm of Kildare



That one at the Grosvenor this morning


  Heytesbury street

said he had a farm in the county Down off a hop-of-my-thumb by the name of Moses Herzog over there near Heytesbury street.


Holles Street

the lying-in hospital in Holles street



on the proud promontory of dear old Howth



that highclass whore in Jammet's


  Jervis street

At the Dolphin they halted to allow the ambulance car to gallop past them for Jervis street.



the shaded door of Kavanagh's winerooms


  Killiney hill

expecting you to walk up Killiney hill then for example at that picnic all staysed up


  Lansdowne road

On Northumberland and Lansdowne roads His Excellency acknowledged punctually salutes from rare male walkers



Larchet's, Holles street hospital, Burke's. Eh? I am watching you.


Leinster Street

Turkish and Warm Baths, 11 Leinster street


Lincoln Place

 in Lincoln place outside the premises of F. W. Sweny and Co (Limited)



A onelegged sailor crutched himself round MacConnell's corner


  Marlborough street

There was a dosshouse in Marlborough street, Mrs Maloney's



I called upon the bard Kinch at his summer residence in upper Mecklenburgh street



Is he buried in saint Michan's?

/ˈmaɪk(ə)n/ or /ˈmɪk(ə)n/

Montgomery Street

 the livery stables at the corner of Montgomery street


  Mountjoy square

Father Conmee stopped three little schoolboys at the corner of Mountjoy square.


Nassau Street

Master Dignam walked along Nassau street

/ˈnæsæʊ/ or /ˈnæsɒ:/

  Newbridge avenue

the remains of the late Mr Patrick Dignam were removed from his residence, no 9 Newbridge avenue, Sandymount, for interment in Glasnevin.


Newcomen Bridge

Father John Conmee stepped into the Dollymount tram on Newcomen bridge


  New Wapping

beyond new Wapping street past Benson's ferry, and by the threemasted schooner Rosevean

/nju: ˈwɒpɪŋ/


B is Parkgate. Good.


  Pembroke quay

A cavalcade in easy trot along Pembroke quay passed


  Pembroke Road

but in quiet parts of the city, Pembroke road for example, the guardians of the law were well in evidence


  Phibsborough Road

In silence they drove along Phibsborough road.


Phoenix Park

murder in the Phoenix park. Before you were born



Windy Arbour, Palmerston Park, Ranelagh

also locally

  Rialto bridge

She rolled downhill at Rialto bridge to tempt me with her flow of animal spirits.



There's a drowning case at Sandycove may turn up



Am I walking into eternity along Sandymount strand?



The freckled face of Sweny, the druggist


  Synge street

on public thoroughfares between Longwood avenue and Leonard's corner and Leonard's corner and Synge street


  Talbot place

Ibsen, associated with Baird's the stonecutter's in his mind somehow in Talbot place


  Talbot street

He catches sight of the navvy lurching through the crowd at the farther side of Talbot street


Tangier Lane

H. E. L. Y.'S. filed before him, tallwhitehatted, past Tangier lane



from the streamy vales of Thomond, from the M'Gillicuddy's reeks the inaccessible and lordly Shannon the unfathomable


  Tritonville road

will you ever forget her the evening she dressed up in her father's suit and hat and the burned cork moustache and walked down Tritonville road, smoking a cigarette.


Tyrone Street

Mrs Bella Cohen, 82 Tyrone street, lower


  Vico Road

Welloff people, proud that their eldest son was in the navy. Vico road, Dalkey.


  Watling street

Mr Kernan turned and walked down the slope of Watling street by the corner of Guinness's visitors' waitingroom.


  Westland row

he didnt recognise me either when I half frowned at him outside Westland row chapel



He crossed Westmoreland street when apostrophe S had plodded by.


  Winetavern street

M'Conachie told him you got a decent enough do in the Brazen Head over in Winetavern street



He crossed at Nassau street corner and stood before the window of Yeates and Son