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sinned 1 Mar 2014, 00:53 by John Simpson

If I have sinned, I have suffered U 5.372-4: Letters on his back: I. N. R. I? No: I. H. S. Molly told me one time I asked ... Iron nails ran in. Bloom’s Catholic wife Molly misuses two well-known religious abbreviations in the quotation cited above. 1 She also makes use of the common Catholic consolatory ...

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UP up 5 Jun 2014, 12:31 by John Simpson

U.P: up and away   U 8.255-9: She took a folded postcard from her handbag. — Read that, she said. He got it this morning. — What is it? Mr ... as only distant possibilities. John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Phrases  Lunacy  Abbreviations  Medicine  Translation  Boxing  Dickens  Dialect  Songs  Dictionaries  Cusack  Education  1 See Vladimir Nabokov, Lectures on ...

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OED 4 Apr 2019, 01:36 by John Simpson

Comings and goings: Joyce’s words in the Oxford English Dictionary   Joyce Quotations                    Joyce First Uses 2,467                                    430 (Dec 2012: 2,367)                                                          (Dec 2012: 464)   The Oxford English Dictionary ... possible that early OED readers in the 19 th century were not attuned to abbreviations being valuable records of our vocabulary, and so failed to record examples they encountered. The ...

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