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strong weakness 1 Mar 2014, 00:52 by John Simpson

Mr O’Madden Burke’s strong weakness   U 7.592-4: Mr O’Madden Burke fell back with grace on his umbrella, feigning a gasp. — Help! he sighed. I feel ... stronger for the weaker sex." Idaho (Boise) Daily Statesman (1914), 29 January, p. 4      Beckett provides its apotheosis: One day, in a positive geyser of confidence, he gave me an ...

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Paris library 4 Sept 2018, 11:28 by John Simpson

Paris library                                                    Go to: Trieste library Joyce’s Paris library links below to the texts We are fortunate in having a record of the texts Joyce kept in his library ... the Late Rev. Mr. Sterne (London: Printed for W. Strahan; T. Cadell, and T. Beckett and Co., Vols. V, VI & VII, 1769) [See also links at the separate volume numbers ...

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Peggy Griffin 28 Nov 2013, 13:07 by JJON Editors

Fullback for the Bective Rangers   U 15.765-6 : MARTHA: (sobbing behind her veil). Breach of promise. My real name is Peggy Griffin. He wrote to me that he was ... Hamlet, George Robinson, R. J. Crawford, A. F. Monohan, J. G. M’Connell, G. Beckett, Pearson, O. White. Irish Times (1900) 10 December   George Hamlet from Rathmines, now aged 19 ...

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Thomas Keohler 14 Sept 2020, 11:44 by John Simpson

Some notes on the triple life of Thomas Goodwin Keohler       At U 2.256-9, Stephen finds himself enumerating his debts: " Fred Ryan, two shillings. Temple, two  lunches. Russell, one ... His name survives in the Dictionary of Irish Biography through two relatives (Walter Keohler Beckett, composer, musician, and writer, son of Tom’s younger sister Elizabeth Ethel and James Walter ...

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No 7 Eccles St 3 19 Oct 2020, 02:07 by John Simpson

Beyond the façade – Uncovering the physical structure of No. 7 Eccles Street   “The danger lies in the neatness of identifications” (Dante...Bruno. Vico...Joyce – Samuel Beckett) This article was initially ...

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