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Madams 28 Nov 2013, 13:24 by JJON Editors

The Madams of Nighttown; or, a Dublin lupanarology   In “Circe” Bloom and Stephen visit Nighttown, Joyce’s name for the notorious red-light district of Dublin north of the Liffey ... need or occasion demanded.   Lower Mecklenburgh Street The chart shows a monolithic fortress of brothels running from No 82 to No 85 on the north side of Lower Mecklenburgh Street ...

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Arnold 2 Dec 2012, 15:02 by John Simpson

Lizzie Arnold at No 40 Lower Cumberland Street and elsewhere   Lizzie Arnold is not mentioned by name in Ulysses – nor in Gogarty – but her presence pervades the red-light district ... Mecklenburgh Street, and in the background she helps to hold together the network of brothels. We have already encountered her in Mrs Mack at No 85, where she was involved ...

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Arnott 12 Sep 2015, 14:50 by John Simpson

Mrs Arnott at No 83   Margaret (“Meg”, “Maggie”) Arnott is not mentioned by name in Ulysses, but there are at least three reasons for including her here: 1)     She ran ... reasons for including her here: 1)     She ran one of the “disorderly houses” or brothels along Lower Mecklenburgh Street between Mrs Mack’s at No 82 and Bella Cohen’s ...

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Lynam 28 Nov 2013, 13:23 by JJON Editors

Popping into Lynam’s   U 10.504-20 : At the Dolphin they halted to allow the ambulance car to gallop past them for Jervis street. - This way, he said, walking ... next to ‘Mrs Cohen’. John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Betting  Bookmakers  Brothels  Crime  Horse racing  Government  Police  Boxing  Lenehan  Gambling  Gogarty  Nagle  Back to top

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