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Suter 29 Aug 2015, 01:07 by JJON Editors

James Joyce to August Suter – from writer to sculptor   It was at August Suter’s invitation that Frank Budgen moved to Switzerland shortly before the beginning of WW I. They ...

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Burke 28 May 2018, 02:13 by John Simpson

Burke’s! U 14.1391 Burke’s! outflings my lord Stephen, giving the cry … Towards the end of the Oxen of the Sun episode the students move from the common ... where to look for what used to be Burke’s public house. Earlier Frank Budgen, who visited Dublin and some of its boozy Ulysses locations like Davy Byrne’s, the ...

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Jeep 30 May 2018, 10:21 by John Simpson

The Jeep-crux   U 16.1884: Und alle Schiffe brücken The narrator of the Eumaeus episode alleges that this odd line – literally “And all ships bridge” –  is the end of ... youth has here an end Johannes Jeep    This might suggest that the version that Budgen read (probably during his August 1920 visit to Joyce in Paris) did not yet contain ...

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Ormond 7 Jan 2018, 15:39 by John Simpson

Joyce’s Ormond Hotel   U 11.64-5: Bronze by gold, Miss Douce’s head by Miss Kennedy’s head, over the crossblind of the Ormond bar heard the viceregal ... old buildings? How much nostalgic reverence should we accord the modern building?      When Frank Budgen visited Dublin in 1933 he noticed: The bar of the Ormond Hotel, where the actors ...

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Malory 3 Mar 2013, 02:55 by JJON Editors

Malory and Sir Leopold, King U 14.167-86: This meanwhile this good sister stood by the door and begged [...] Woman's woe with wonder pondering. According to Joyce’s ... woe with wonder pondering. According to Joyce’s 13 March 1920 “Oxen” letter to Budgen, the parodies following Mandeville are “Malory’s Morte d’Arthur (‘but that franklin Lenehan was ...

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throwaway 1 Mar 2016, 09:49 by JJON Editors

A crumpled throwaway: an arresting tale   U 10.752-4: North wall and sir John Rogerson’s quay, with hulls and anchorchains, sailing westward, sailed by a skiff, a crumpled ... 57-9]      Later on in the final working draft (Rosenbach Manuscript) and in Frank Budgen’s scribal hand Joyce added three interpolations into the Wandering Rocks chapter featuring the ‘crumpled ...

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bones 4 Jun 2014, 02:21 by John Simpson

I smell the blood of an Irishman   U 3.291-3 Sir Lout’s toys. Mind you don’t get one bang on the ear. I’m the bloody well ... the New York Sun (1892), 11 September, Section B, Page 3. 4 See Frank Budgen, James Joyce and the Making of 'Ulysses', and Other Writings (Oxford: 1972), p. 53.

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Players 4 Dec 2019, 10:34 by John Simpson

Exit Carr U 15.60-2: Private Carr and Private Compton turn and counterretort, their tunics bloodbright in a lampglow, black sockets of caps on their blond copper polls. Perceptions ... Lumpkin – James P. Cleveland [pseudonym for Otto Luening] Diggory – Claud W. Sykes Stingo – Frank Budgen Mrs. Hardcastle – Ethel Turner Miss Hardcastle – Daisy Race Miss Neville – Olly M Anryg Maid – Coach ...

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No 7 Eccles street 2 14 Dec 2019, 14:53 by John Simpson

Sanitary matters at No. 7 Eccles street     U 7.494-5: It is meet to be here. Let us construct a watercloset. The Dublin house of No. 7 Eccles street ... started in 1770 and became history in April 1967.    Joyce once stated to Frank Budgen that for him imagination was memory. 1 Joyce was not adverse to altering facts, such ...

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No 7 Eccles St 3 19 Oct 2020, 02:07 by John Simpson

Beyond the façade – Uncovering the physical structure of No. 7 Eccles Street   “The danger lies in the neatness of identifications” (Dante...Bruno. Vico...Joyce – Samuel Beckett) This article was initially ... the smell of the town of the Ford of Hurdles and its people. Frank Budgen, 'Preface to the 1960 Edition' in James Joyce and the Making of ' Ulysses ' p. 3 ...

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