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duodene 28 Nov 2013, 13:45 by JJON Editors

Duodenal harmony   U 11.323-5 : A duodene of birdnotes chirruped bright treble answer under sensitive hands. Brightly the keys, all twinkling, linked, all harpsichording, called to a voice to ... Hatton's “Good bye Sweetheart, Good bye” (see Ruth Bauerle James Joyce Songbook, 1982)   Chinese influence? There is also a slender possibility that Joyce’s “duodene of birdnotes” is recalling ...

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China 25 Mar 2019, 12:35 by John Simpson

China’s millions   U 5.322-6: Same notice on the door. Sermon by the very reverend John Conmee S. J. on saint Peter Claver S. J. and the African ... third of the entire population of the globe.    While the precise extent of the Chinese population remained in doubt, Western missionaries had turned their attention to the issue of converting ...

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cobwebs 4 Mar 2014, 15:05 by John Simpson

Fashionable cobwebs   U 15.2817-18: Even their wax model Raymonde I visited daily to admire her cobweb hose and stick of rhubarb toe, as worn in Paris. Bloom remembers ... Journal of 1846 compares English “cobweb hose” with the delicate silk stockings of the Chinese: The cobweb hose made in England are the scorn of the Chinese, who knit silk ...

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ostrich 29 Nov 2013, 13:00 by JJON Editors

Roll up for the human ostrich   SH 133 : There’s a fellow in Capel St at present in a show who says he can eat glass and hard nails. He ... his way on to the New York stage, in the form of the “Renowned Chinese Juglar [sic]” Boo Loo Chu: 4 The Magic Mirror – The World Challenged – Wonderful Attraction!!! The ...

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May's band 28 Nov 2013, 13:07 by JJON Editors

May’s band of brothers   U 4.525-6: Morning after the bazaar dance when May's band played Ponchielli's dance of the hours. Technically Don Gifford (Ulysses Annotated ... No connection whatsoever with any other Band of the same name in Dublin. “Mirus” Chinese Ball. Last night a “Chinese” ball, in connection with “Mirus” Bazaar, was given in the ...

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