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coal 26 Aug 2015, 01:49 by John Simpson

The cost of coal from Flower and M‘Donald   U 17.128-30: best Abram coal at twentyone shillings a ton from the yard of Messrs Flower and M‘Donald ...

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Flower & MDonald - plot image2.png 25 Aug 2015, 15:09 by John Simpson

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Flower & MDonald - image1.png 25 Aug 2015, 15:08 by John Simpson

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Flower & MDonald - image1b.png 25 Aug 2015, 15:08 by John Simpson

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cobbles 14 Aug 2014, 05:33 by John Simpson

Washing off the cobbles   U 18.1565-7: I often asked him atheists or whatever they call themselves go and wash the cobbles off themselves first ... Dublin streets were covered ... of the OED, missed the most obvious explanation provided for an age of ubiquitous coal fires: Cobble 2. pl. Coal of the size of small cobble stones. Cobbles are what ...

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Catch it 14 Aug 2014, 05:35 by John Simpson

Caught it while it was flying   U 13.616-9: Gerty stifled a smothered exclamation and gave a nervous cough and Edy asked what and she was just going to ... belled teams of W. K. ANDREWS & CO. ready to supply you with the best coal and wood nice and dry. Roanoke Times (Roanoke, Virginia) (1897), 16 October p. 3 There ...

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Gifford Corrections 4 14 Jun 2017, 03:08 by John Simpson

Ulysses Annotated Telemachus     Nestor     Proteus     Calypso     Lotus Eaters     Hades     Aeolus     Lestrygonians Scylla and Charybdis     Wandering Rocks     Sirens     Cyclops     Nausicaa     Oxen of the Sun Circe     Eumaeus     Ithaca     Penelope Other works Eumaeus ... consists of two levers of the first kind. (JS)   17.128-30 best Abram coal: follow the history of the advertisements and pricing for Abram coal in Dublin in The ...

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Eternity 14 Aug 2014, 05:36 by John Simpson

Next stop Paradise! U 15.2192-3 : Join on now. Book through to eternity junction, the nonstop run. T he salesman evangelist rushes people through to Paradise by train. References ... Ticket to Eternity.’ An extraordinary letter left by a man who committed suicide by coal-gas poisoning was read at an inquest at Newington yesterday on Henry Collins, aged fifty ...

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ostrich 29 Nov 2013, 13:00 by JJON Editors

Roll up for the human ostrich   SH 133 : There’s a fellow in Capel St at present in a show who says he can eat glass and hard nails. He ... alone: amongst others of the period we find: Samoda, the British Human Ostrich (Eats Coal, Sawdust and Paraffin Oil), at Liberty after a Successful Tour. ( Era , 16 October 1897)   Northampton ...

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Bacilikil 3 Dec 2013, 03:00 by John Simpson

Advertising names that speak to you: 1 - Bacilikil   U 17.589-95: Look at this long candle. Calculate when it burns out and you receive gratis 1 pair of our ... for public buildings, hospitals, dispensaries, household baths, and lavatories. Bacilikil No. 2 is a coal tar preparation, and is recommended for use in stables, drains, household lavatories, etc.      The Irish ...

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