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Watching 31 May 2015, 00:41 by John Simpson

Unlawfully watching and/or besetting   U 15.732-4:                     FIRST WATCH (reads) Henry Flower. No fixed abode. Unlawfully watching and besetting. Don Gifford is quite right to identify the phrase ... of his day. John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Police  Law  Phrases  Crime  1 The Act was not repealed until the general review of outmoded legislation in the ...

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Eternity 14 Aug 2014, 05:36 by John Simpson

Next stop Paradise! U 15.2192-3 : Join on now. Book through to eternity junction, the nonstop run. T he salesman evangelist rushes people through to Paradise by train. References ... News (Iowa) 31 August, p. 9   JS Search by keyword (within this site) Journalism  Crime  Railways  Coal  Gas 

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Ennis 29 Oct 2015, 08:14 by John Simpson

Death in Ennis   U 6.335-9 :  — But the worst of all, Mr Power said, is the man who takes his own life. […] —Temporary insanity, of course, Martin Cunningham said ... for the father of Leopold Bloom. Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Crime  Hotel  Yorkshire  Journalism  Notebooks  Judaism  1 The Freeman’s Journal, The Irish Examiner, The Irish ...

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Gallaher1 15 Jan 2014, 15:04 by John Simpson

Ignatius per ignotius : the short life and extraordinary times of Frederick Gallaher 1: Making his way in the world   U 7.626-30: The Great Gallaher […] that was a pressman ... within this site) Journalism  Cork  Education  Swimming  Drink  Sailing  Horse-racing  Betting  America  Shooting  Crime  Sport  1 See the Irish Genealogy database ( 2 ...

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Summary 28 Nov 2013, 13:28 by JJON Editors

Summing up the Madams   A cross-tabulation of various types of records (directories, registers, newspapers, etc.) shows that the lifestyle and interaction of the various Madams or brothel-keepers in ... Bella Cohen at No 82 (not 81) Search by keyword (within this site) Prostitution  Crime  Drink  Real name  Scotland  England  Army 

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Tupper 28 Nov 2013, 13:12 by JJON Editors

Norman W. Tupper and the policeman’s lap     U 12.1165-74: -- And here she is, says Alf, that was giggling over the Police Gazette with Terry on the counter ... lap of Officer Taylor.     John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) America  Police  Crime  Illustration  Back to top  

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Beaufoy 28 Nov 2013, 13:22 by JJON Editors

Philip Beaufoy and the philosopher’s tone   U 4.500-5: Asquat on the cuckstool he folded out his paper, turning its pages over on his bared knees. Something new ... from Nero to Rasputin, A.D. 37-A.D. 1916 (in Hutchinson’s True Crime series).          The fact that all five of these books were first published in 1927 suggests ...

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Mack 20 Aug 2018, 01:44 by John Simpson

Mrs Mack at No 85   U 15.1281-8 : (Zoe Higgins, a young whore in a sapphire slip, closed with three bronze buckles, a slim black velvet fillet round her ... the series:     1) The Madams of Nighttown         Search by keyword (within this site) Prostitution  Crime  Drink  Real name  Weatherup  Army  Scotland  1 On possible factors influencing Mrs Mack’s move ...

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Flynn3 31 May 2015, 02:09 by John Simpson

Flynns: the next generation   Patrick Flynn of Thomas Street had at least thirteen children, and it is possible to assemble a certain amount of information on most of them. The ... John Simpson << Previous section                                                                                                                                       Next Section >> Search by keyword (within this site) Business  Hotel  Crime  Drink  1 John Wyse Jackson and Peter Costello John Stanislaus Joyce (1997; 1998 reprint) ch ...

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Cohen 12 Sep 2015, 14:50 by John Simpson

Bella Cohen at No 82 (not 81)   U 15.2741-4 : The door opens. Bella Cohen, a massive whoremistress, enters. She is dressed in a threequarter ivory gown, fringed round ... No 40 Lower Cumberland Street and elsewhere Search by keyword (within this site) Prostitution  Crime  Drink  Real name  Religion  England  Army  1 See Mrs Mack at No 85, footnote 2 ...

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