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philirenists 2 Sep 2014, 01:07 by John Simpson

Philirenists: peace-loving monarchs U 15.4435: Struggle for life is the law of existence but but human philirenists, notably the tsar and the king of England, have invented arbitration ... not entered in the Oxford English Dictionary, nor can it be found in English dictionaries of Joyce’s (or any other) time. There is certainly no tradition of using the ...

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Halfseasover 8 Dec 2015, 07:30 by John Simpson

The half-seas-over empire of Britain   U 5.71-2: Griffith’s paper is on the same tack now: an army rotten with venereal disease: overseas or halfseasover empire ... older era. John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Phrases  Politics  Parliament  Wordplay  Dictionaries  Sailing  Theatre  Songs  Fashion  Publishing  Poetry  Music  Opera  I am grateful to Pat Callan for ...

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taittering 30 Aug 2013, 02:09 by John Simpson

Molly’s taittering lips U 18.673-4: […] my lips were taittering when I said goodbye she had a Gorgeous wrap of some special kind [...] Gifford’s gloss here is ... way of verifying a word that cannot be found in any of the standard dictionaries or reference books, such as the OED, the EDD (English Dialect Dictionary), or any of ...

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UP up 5 Jun 2014, 12:31 by John Simpson

U.P: up and away   U 8.255-9: She took a folded postcard from her handbag. — Read that, she said. He got it this morning. — What is it? Mr ... by keyword (within this site) Phrases  Lunacy  Abbreviations  Medicine  Translation  Boxing  Dickens  Dialect  Songs  Dictionaries  Cusack  Education  1 See Vladimir Nabokov, Lectures on Ulysses: a facsimile of the manuscript (1980 ...

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Crossed 29 Feb 2016, 15:36 by John Simpson

Cross words for crossed letters   U 18.740-1:   those long crossed letters Atty Dillon used to write A look at the first translations of Ulysses by Georg Goyert (1927 ... elsewhere in JJON). Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Translation  French  German  Dictionaries  Rosenbach 

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Moechus 25 Mar 2019, 12:41 by John Simpson

Scortum and moechus: not so neuter words   SH 191 : I can’t say I consider harlots as human beings. Scortum and moechus are both neuter words, you know. In one ... the young Joyce may then have looked up the words in one of the dictionaries available at the National Library, but not very thoroughly. Moechus is masculine and does not ...

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coconut 4 Jun 2014, 01:10 by John Simpson

The milk in the coconut – a hairy puzzle   U 12.976-8: Hoho begob says I to myself, says I. That explains the milk in the cocoanut and the absence ... a London publication casts considerable doubt on the American origin claimed by some slang dictionaries, though much of the early evidence for the expression does derive from America.      In 1904 ...

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armstrap 4 Jun 2014, 02:18 by John Simpson

The forgotten arm-strap   U 6.10-12: He passed an arm through the armstrap and looked seriously from the open carriage window at the lowered blinds of the avenue ... s annotators pass over the term, perhaps not even noticing it, and the major dictionaries of English elect not to include it.      But the arm-strap has a long history ...

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crossblinds 1 Dec 2015, 10:23 by JJON Editors

The crossblind crux P 4.216: The director stood in the embrasure of the window, his back to the light, leaning an elbow on the brown crossblind, and, as he ... again on the ground floor. The fact that the term is not found in dictionaries and printed books has led readers and critics to believe that it might be Joyce ...

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OED 4 Apr 2019, 01:36 by John Simpson

Comings and goings: Joyce’s words in the Oxford English Dictionary   Joyce Quotations                    Joyce First Uses 2,467                                    430 (Dec 2012: 2,367)                                                          (Dec 2012: 464)   The Oxford English Dictionary ... occasional creative and poetic usages are airbrushed from the linguistic record presented by research dictionaries.   uncobbled (adjective): not set with cobble stones ( WAS 1922 NOW NOT RECORDED ) Another example from ...

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