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drinks 31 May 2015, 00:54 by John Simpson

Changing his drink   U 7.246-53: ’neath the shadows cast o’er its pensive bosom by the overarching leafage of the giants of the forest. What about that, Simon ...

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Opal hush 4 Sep 2018, 10:43 by John Simpson

From Swerve of Shore to Bend of Bay Area: the Afterlife of Opal Hush 7.782-3: What do you think really of that hermetic crowd, the opal hush poets ... I came across examples of more general application of the term, including a mixed drink attributed to Yeats. To begin with the critical label, evidence that this still had some ...

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adelite 28 Oct 2015, 15:48 by John Simpson

adelite - a delightful colour word ? U 6.307-8:  Cure for a red nose. Drink like the devil till it turns adelite. In the cab on the way to the ...

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Bonsoir 29 Nov 2013, 12:32 by JJON Editors

Bonsoir la compagnie   U 14.1534-6 : Closingtime, gents. Eh? Rome boose for the Bloom toff [...] Play low, pardner. Slide. Bonsoir la compagnie . There are several options we can chose ...

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Pope 1 Mar 2014, 01:09 by John Simpson

Kicking the Pope before us   U 15.4717-18: (In strident discord peasants and townsmen of Orange and Green factions sing Kick the Pope and Daily, daily sing to Mary ... Let Bacchus' sons be not dismayed But join with me, each jovial blade Come, drink and sing and lend your aid To help me with the chorus: Instead of spa ...

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Oxen 4 Sep 2018, 11:01 by John Simpson

Oxen of the Sun ― allocating text in the closing paragraphs     Although many aspects of the coda to Oxen of the Sun have been explored, it has never been analysed in ... be true of other thoughts and utterances. Cf. Bloom’s “All off for a drink. Arm in arm” at 7.983.   FIRST VOICE. Bonafides.   SECOND VOICE. Where you slep las ...

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Gifford Corrections 2 4 Sep 2018, 11:15 by John Simpson

Corrections and additions to Gifford’s Ulysses Annotated and Joyce Annotated   This page offers brief corrections and additions to the published glossaries of Joyce’s work, notably Ulysses Annotated: Notes ... green gem of Ireland set in the silver sea   7.246-53 Changing his drink: the use of this expression in the nineteenth century clarifies Joyce's use, in Changing ...

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brave 1 Mar 2014, 01:01 by John Simpson

And do the brave deserve the fair?   U 15.4631-4:                                                      CISSY CAFFREY                                                                                                                          They’re going to fight. For me!                                                                                                                                            ... dull Thinking and Care: With Hearts full of Glee, Let each on his Knee     Drink Health to the Brave and the Fair (p. 29)      Perhaps the most often-cited eighteenth ...

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Prince's stores 4 Mar 2014, 14:43 by John Simpson

The Prince and the Freeman   U 7.21-4 : Grossbooted draymen rolled barrels dullthudding out of Prince's stores and bumped them up on the brewery float. On the brewery ... Metropole and Capitol Cinemas in 1972. Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Drink  Journalism 

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Quackery 28 Nov 2013, 13:54 by JJON Editors

A dose of quackery   U 15.639:   Second drink does it. Once is a dose . We all know that you can have too much of a good thing. Best to ...

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