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Vengeance 28 Nov 2013, 13:53 by JJON Editors

Vengeance and the shores of Manhattan   U 12.1367-74 : the Times rubbed its hands and told the whitelivered Saxons there would soon be as few Irish in Ireland as ... MacManus’s Story of the Irish Race (1921, p. 610) with reference to Irish emigration at the time of the famines of the 1840s: The London Times [...] when the exodus ...

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Antient Concert Rooms 4 Sep 2017, 05:32 by John Simpson

Rooms for Antient Concerts   U 6.180 : Antient concert rooms. Nothing on there. Bloom is driven past the Antient Concert Rooms at No 42 Great Brunswick Street (now Pearse Street ... proposition was “That the social environment of the Irish peasant is largely responsible for emigration”. Monday 30 May (evening): the Solicitors and Solicitors’ Apprentices were back for a regular meeting ...

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Dubedat 4 Sep 2018, 11:20 by John Simpson

Marie Dubedat – the Irish Nightingale       U 8.888-91: May I tempt you to a little more filleted lemon sole, miss Dubedat? Yes, do bedad. And she did bedad. Huguenot ... (principally American military records). Search by keyword (within this site) Opera  Music  Emigration  America  Real name  France  Antient Concert Rooms  Maritana  Canada 

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Ohio 29 Nov 2013, 12:38 by JJON Editors

A perfect cretic floating down the O-hi-O   U 7.367-9 :   –   Ohio! The editor crowed in high treble from his uplifted scarlet face. My Ohio!   –  A perfect cretic ... Ohio". John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Songs  America  Journalism  Feminism  Cork  Emigration  Music Hall  American Civil War 

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Gifford Corrections 3 30 May 2018, 14:59 by John Simpson

Ulysses Annotated Telemachus     Nestor     Proteus     Calypso     Lotus Eaters     Hades     Aeolus     Lestrygonians Scylla and Charybdis     Wandering Rocks     Sirens     Cyclops     Nausicaa     Oxen of the Sun Circe     Eumaeus     Ithaca     Penelope Other works Sirens ... Ash   12.1367 the Times rubbed its hands: two newspaper quotations relating to Irish emigration combine in the article Vengeance and the shores of Manhattan   12.1369 Grand Turk sent ...

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Crofton 28 Nov 2013, 13:17 by JJON Editors

James Crofton: a tradition of public service     D 12.477-80 : - This is Parnell’s anniversary, said O’Connor, and don’t let’s stir up any bad blood. We ... of rates?                                                               Frederick Buckley: rifleman Search by keyword (within this site) Dublin Corporation  Rates  Emigration  Australia  Conservative  Voters’ Lists  England  Cattle  Parnell  Back to top 1 Report to His Grace ...

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Henchy 28 Nov 2013, 13:17 by JJON Editors

Robert Henchy: a choice of two collectors    D 12.395-404 : ‘Hello, Crofton!’ said Mr Henchy to the fat man. ‘Talk of the devil....’ [...] ‘Why, blast your soul,’ said Henchy ... Frederick Buckley: rifleman Search by keyword (within this site) Dublin Corporation  Rates  Voters’ Lists  Emigration  England  Back to top

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Lyons 28 Nov 2013, 13:29 by JJON Editors

Emily Lyons sets sail for Boston   Joyce’s notes for Exiles contain a reference to Emily Lyons, a close friend of Nora Barnacle from Galway days. Nothing is known about ... trauma of separation described by Joyce. John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Emigration  Galway  America  Nora Barnacle  1 James Joyce, Exiles (Penguin: Harmondsworth 1973), pp. 154-5. 2 ...

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destruction 17 Feb 2014, 01:23 by John Simpson

The destruction of the fittest   U 16.1598-1602: […] he was only too conscious of the casualties invariably resulting from propaganda and displays of mutual animosity and the misery and ... fittest , through war or other cause producing contra-selection or reversal of selection. (2)      Emigration, by which the most energetic or enterprising pass on to other regions or in search ...

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Ruhlin 28 Nov 2013, 13:20 by JJON Editors

Mrs Gus Rublin: boxing and women’s suffrage     U 15.3257-9 : Unsolicited testimonials […] My bust developed four inches in three weeks, reports Mrs Gus Rublin with photo.   When Sarah ... world of Circe.   John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Feminism  America  Advertising  Emigration  Sport  Boxing  Politics  Rosenbach    1 I am grateful to Alison Sulentic for assistance in tracing ...

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