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Eyebrow line 29 Nov 2013, 12:53 by JJON Editors

Bewitching eyes beneath a well-drawn eyebrow line     U 13.111 (and 640): It was Madame Vera Verity [...] who had first advised her to try eyebrowleine which gave that haunting ... eyebrowleine which gave that haunting expression to the eyes, so becoming in leaders of fashion.   Gerty MacDowell turns out to be a satisfied customer of the product that provides her ...

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cobwebs 4 Mar 2014, 15:05 by John Simpson

Fashionable cobwebs   U 15.2817-18: Even their wax model Raymonde I visited daily to admire her cobweb hose and stick of rhubarb toe, as worn in Paris. Bloom remembers ... now very fashionable Kimonas and Visites as worn in Paris and leading centres of Fashion. Irish Times (1908), 15 May p. 3 Gold thread stocking… Stockings made entirely of gold ...

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Halfseasover 8 Dec 2015, 07:30 by John Simpson

The half-seas-over empire of Britain   U 5.71-2: Griffith’s paper is on the same tack now: an army rotten with venereal disease: overseas or halfseasover empire ... continued in popular use for the rest of the nineteenth century.   The World of Fashion and Continental Feuilletons (London: 1828) applied it in the world of music. Mr. Laporte managed ...

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adelite 28 Oct 2015, 15:48 by John Simpson

adelite - a delightful colour word ? U 6.307-8:  Cure for a red nose. Drink like the devil till it turns adelite. In the cab on the way to the ... puce' and 'adelaide' describe variations of purple. Adelaide turned up fairly regularly then in fashion catalogues and advertisements for clothes. James Napier’s A manual of dyeing and dyeing receipts ...

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Kidfitting 23 Nov 2020, 03:56 by John Simpson

Kidfitting corsetry U 18.446-9 : one of those kidfitting corsets Id want advertised cheap in the Gentlewoman with elastic gores on the hips he saved the one I have ... elegance and comfort for the larger woman.  JS Search by keyword (within this site) Fashion  Advertising  America  Patent 

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Susy Nagle 28 Nov 2013, 13:19 by JJON Editors

Susy Nagle and her concertina skirt       U 10.385 : If I could get that dressmaker to make a concertina skirt like Susy Nagle’s. They kick out grand. Shannon and ... as a dressmaker in Dublin. She seems to have been associated with the new fashion of the concertina skirt.   John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Fashion  Police  Landlords ...

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Rates 28 Nov 2013, 13:15 by JJON Editors

Collecting the rates: Buckley, Cotter, Crofton, Henchy, and Weatherup     James Joyce’s father, John Stanislaus Joyce, joined the Office of the Dublin Collector-General of Rates in 1882 and remained ... had collected and putting it to personal use. The story is told in masterful fashion by John Wyse Jackson and Peter Costello in chapters 10 to 15 of John Stanislaus ...

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Gifford Corrections 4 15 Sept 2020, 08:17 by John Simpson

Ulysses Annotated Telemachus     Nestor     Proteus     Calypso     Lotus Eaters     Hades     Aeolus     Lestrygonians Scylla and Charybdis     Wandering Rocks     Sirens     Cyclops     Nausicaa     Oxen of the Sun Circe     Eumaeus     Ithaca     Penelope Other works Eumaeus ... for more on these suits in Joyce's day read Brown-paper suits in fashion   16.1257 .)eatondph 1/8 ador dorador douradora: what happened when a compositor miskeyed a ...

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Articles 19 Sept 2020, 05:53 by John Simpson

  THE MOST RECENT ADDITIONS ARE LISTED IN THE TOP SECTION OF THIS INDEX  Work  Chapter/Page  Category        Title                                     Author               Issue  Date   Ulysses      2.332      Joyce's Environs   On the authorship ... 8  February   2015   Ulysses      16.1185-9  Joyce's Environs   Brown-paper suits in fashion    John Simpson       9     April   2015   Ulysses       17.128-30  Joyce's Environs   The cost of ...


pet lamb 25 Mar 2019, 09:41 by John Simpson

Pet lambs in Dublin   U 10.1134-6: Myler Keogh, Dublin’s pet lamb, will meet sergeantmajor Bennett, the Portobello bruiser, for a purse of fifty sovereigns. Myler Keogh, sometime ... a minister of religion visited a local farmhouse, only to be confronted: in pugilistic fashion by what was once a pet lamb, but had now grown bold and pugnacious.    The ...

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