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Charley 31 May 2015, 00:48 by John Simpson

Chase me Charley, chase me Charley, chase me Charley do   U 15.2426-7: Perceive. That is his appropriate sun. Nightbird nightsun nighttown. Chase me, Charley! (he blows into Bloom ... into a film of seven reels. This information and the release dates of the films were taken from The Films of Charlie Chaplin by Gerald D. McDonald, Michael Conway and ...

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KateyKeogh 19 Sept 2020, 05:21 by John Simpson

Katey Keogh, Assistant at the Volta Cinema, Dublin   O, Milly Bloom, you are my darling. You are my lookingglass from night to morning. I’d rather have you without a ... until 10 pm daily, going in rotation on the hour.   All four were silent films and a string quintet in the background supplied the soundtracks. 5      Joyce left for Trieste ...

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Introduction to the sixteenth issue 20 Sept 2020, 04:10 by John Simpson

The central buildings of Ulysses continue to exercise a strange fascination over readers. They may be insignificant in real terms, like 7 Eccles Street, but they develop a mythology of ... 7 Eccles Street, but they develop a mythology of their own through countless readings, films, and just the passage of time. How well did Joyce know them? Is his description ...

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