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Conneff 11 Oct 2016, 06:04 by John Simpson

Wondrous little Thomas Conneff from the short-grass county of Kildare    U 12.173-82: From his girdle hung a row of seastones which dangled at every movement of his ... following year (1886) Conneff burst on to the national athletics scene at the “Caledonian Games and Sports” in Ballsbridge, Dublin. As before, the half mile and the mile were his ...

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give and take 4 Jun 2014, 02:23 by John Simpson

Give and take is not fair play   U 15.3514-18:                   ZOE Give a thing and take it back God’ll ask you where is that You’ll say you ... cite an almost-identical verse from Laurencetown, County Galway. It occurs in children’s games that involve rituals of giving or swapping. (p. 510)      We should establish the chronology – that ...

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My can 29 Nov 2013, 12:52 by JJON Editors

U 18.988 : will you be my man will you carry my can Gifford quotes Roland McHugh who suggests a children's game as the source of Molly's rhyme ... of Ireland (1871), pp. 92-3 Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Games  Top of page

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UP up 5 Jun 2014, 12:31 by John Simpson

U.P: up and away   U 8.255-9: She took a folded postcard from her handbag. — Read that, she said. He got it this morning. — What is it? Mr ... the conventional sense, the article laments the “sudden and unprovided death” of the Caledonian Games’ Society: in other words, the C.G.S. is “over”, or “finished” or “U.P ...

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Michael Hart 28 Nov 2013, 13:28 by JJON Editors

Gallant Michael Hart   U 17.1251-5 : Of companions now in various manners in different places defunct: Percy Apjohn (killed in action, Modder River), Philip Gilligan (phthisis, Jervis Street hospital ... Purcell (Haddington Harriers), displaying eight medals – probably those won by him at the Caledonian Games in June. Photograph: courtesy of the Hart family papers (Alison Sulentic)   Mick’s writing career ...

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Gallaher2 30 Aug 2013, 13:25 by JJON Editors

Ignatius per ignotius : the short life and extraordinary times of Frederick Gallaher   2: Fred’s Brilliant Career with Sport and the Invincibles The Editor of Sport Fred’s big break ... report on other sports, and its coverage of athletics, cycling, cricket, football, and other games developed as the years went by. At times in its history it also branched out ...

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Rose of Castile 29 Nov 2013, 12:12 by JJON Editors

My brandnew riddle - the Rose of Castile      U 7.586-91 Lenehan extended his hands in protest. - But my riddle! he said. What opera is like a railway line? - Opera ... of Castile (rows of cast steel)                                      The boy's handy book of sports, pastimes, games and amusements (1863)              One year later the Birmingham Daily Post of Friday, 27 May informs ...

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Gallaher3 30 Aug 2013, 13:26 by JJON Editors

Ignatius per ignotius : the short life and extraordinary times of Frederick Gallaher   3: More practical jokes and international sport   Another publication and a sensational hoax Fred’s publishing ventures had ... his active sponsorship of high-level athletic meets, acting as referee in the Caledonian Games and Sports in Dublin in June 1886 and sending Sport’s “Shamrock Team” to the ...

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wheelmen 17 Feb 2014, 01:22 by John Simpson

Wheelmen don’t eat quiche U 10.651-3: Bang of the lastlap bell spurred the halfmile wheelmen to their sprint. J. A. Jackson, W. E. Wylie, A. Munro and ... in or about 1.30 – was "Endymion", the greatest patron of its sports and games that Trinity possesses. A College Races without "Endymion" would be strange indeed.       Did Endymion make ...

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