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Brown 31 May 2015, 02:23 by John Simpson

Mr Brown, Mr Robinson, and the average Joe   U 16.536-8: A great opportunity there certainly was for push and enterprise to meet the travelling needs of the public ... Jones, and Robinson: Being the History of What they Saw, and Did, in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland & Italy , published by Punch caricaturist Richard Doyle in 1853. The adventures of the three ...

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Ormond 7 Jan 2018, 15:39 by John Simpson

Joyce’s Ormond Hotel   U 11.64-5: Bronze by gold, Miss Douce’s head by Miss Kennedy’s head, over the crossblind of the Ormond bar heard the viceregal ... Edinburgh), John Smurthwaite (Leeds), Christine Casey (TCD), Karla McBride (An Bord Pleanála), Sophie Schumann (Germany) and the patient staff at the Pearse Street Library, the Irish Architectural Archive and the ...

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fox 31 May 2015, 00:49 by John Simpson

Free fox, free hen-roost   U 15.1692-7: No more patriotism of barspongers and dropsical impostors. Free money, free rent, free love and a free lay church in a ... revealed by Herr von Bethmann Hollweg, shows that the quality of "freedom" at which Germany aims is that once described by an Austrian essayist as the "free fox in the ...

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Claffey 30 Aug 2013, 02:10 by John Simpson

Pat Claffey and the Dublin convents   U 8.153-4: Molly tasting it, her veil up. Sister? Pat Claffey, the pawnbroker’s daughter. It was a nun they say invented ... Journal (1893) 15 August p. 1 Search by keyword (within this site) Religion  Trade  Germany  Money  Back to top 1 Freeman’s Journal (1883), 11 June. 2 Freeman’s Journal ...

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Beni 4 Jun 2014, 02:28 by John Simpson

A postcard from Bolivia - Una tarjeta postal de Bolivia   U 16.472-4: He fumbled out a picture postcard from his inside pocket, which seemed to be in its way ... were handled by the postal system of Great Britain, and an estimated billion in Germany. No postal figures are available from Bolivia, but the availability of postmarked cards suggests that ...

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eyrie 30 Aug 2013, 02:10 by John Simpson

Observing from his quaint-perched aerie   Joyce’s early poem Et Tu, Healy, written at the age of nine after the death of Parnell in October 1891, survives only in ... 1960). 4 John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Poetry  Politics  Parnell  Literature  Germany  Back to top 1 Stanislaus Joyce My brother's keeper: James Joyce's early years ...

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Hainau 29 Feb 2016, 12:42 by John Simpson

Heinous Hainau and the Blooms   U 17.868-9: […] blond, born of two dark, she had blond ancestry, remote a violation, Herr Hauptmann Hainau, Austrian army Franz Stanzel was the ... so revolting, but truth and the wrongs of Italy demand it. (p. 131)      In Germany, satirical papers like Kladderadatsch, Mephistopheles or Almanach zum Lachen caricatured and derided Haynau, for example ...

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kish 9 Jun 2017, 06:48 by John Simpson

Kishes, brogues, and ignorance   U 8.894-5: ignorant as a kish of brogues, worth fifty thousand pounds Commentators often have difficulty tracing the continuum from a literal expression to ... directs a bureau which gives tone to [a] great part of the journalism of Germany, and yet, before I conversed with him with regard to Ireland, he was as ignorant ...

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Jeep 30 May 2018, 10:21 by John Simpson

The Jeep-crux   U 16.1884: Und alle Schiffe brücken The narrator of the Eumaeus episode alleges that this odd line – literally “And all ships bridge” –  is the end of ... to follow soon in the Ithaca episode. Search by keyword (within this site) Songs  Germany  Translation  Music  Sailing 

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Joseph Casey 28 Nov 2013, 13:06 by JJON Editors

They simply fade away: news on the life and death of an old soldier - Joseph Casey     Joyce met the former Fenian revolutionary Joseph Casey in Paris in 1903, probably at ... was held as a prisoner of war at Kassel (then Cassel) in northern Hesse, Germany.            We know this from the account of his brother Alexander, published in the Kilkenny People ...

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