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Peter Parley 29 Nov 2013, 12:15 by JJON Editors

Peter Parley’s tales of the ancients   Portrait 299.4 : ‘ History was all about those men and what they did and that was what Peter Parley's Tales about Greece ...

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Paris library 4 Sep 2018, 11:28 by John Simpson

Paris library                                                    Go to: Trieste library Joyce’s Paris library links below to the texts We are fortunate in having a record of the texts Joyce kept in his library ... Dessain, II, 1884) [Link to 1884 two vols in one ed.] The Legacy of Greece, ed. R. W. Livingstone (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1921) Lewis, Wyndham, The Caliph's Design: Architects ...

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silence 1 Mar 2014, 01:28 by John Simpson

White silence in marble   U 6.461-2 Fragments of shapes, hewn. In white silence: appealing. Joyce’s contemporary readers could hardly have read the phrase “white silence” 1 without ... Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Poetry  Art  Greece  Italy  Queens  Caption 1: Hiram Powers’s Greek Slave (1851), on display at the Düsseldorf Gallery in New York ...

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Swinburne 25 Mar 2019, 12:46 by John Simpson

“He told me about, hold on, Swinburne, was it, no?” Buck Mulligan and the poet   9.731-2 — Lovely! Buck Mulligan suspired amorously. I asked him what he thought of ... needs to be Hellenised and he promises to take him on a trip to Greece. In “Wandering Rocks” Mulligan tells Haines that Stephen will never be a poet precisely because ...

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Nile crocodile 8 Nov 2016, 01:59 by John Simpson

Did he bring his crocodile?   Portrait V, p. 279: This evening Cranly was in the porch of the library, proposing a problem to Dixon and her brother. A mother let ... is not easily tamed. Tim Conley Brock University Search by keyword (within this site) Greece  Logic  Puzzles  Crocodile  Trieste  Library  1 Don Gifford, Notes for Joyce: Dubliners and A Portrait ...

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