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Greek Slave - image2.jpg 1 Mar 2014, 01:25 by John Simpson

57k — on page silence

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Greek Slave - image1.jpg 1 Mar 2014, 01:24 by John Simpson

136k — on page silence

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MacHugh2 1 Dec 2015, 02:23 by John Simpson

The reluctant professor MacHugh:2 High-flying undergraduates at UCD In 1884 Hugh was faced with the challenge of passing the Matriculation Examination for the Royal University of Dublin. At ... pass, but he passed well, winning an exhibition again for his excellence in Latin, Greek, and Experimental Physics: The Royal University of Ireland. Matriculation Examination […] Honours in Latin – First Class ...

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silence 1 Mar 2014, 01:28 by John Simpson

White silence in marble   U 6.461-2 Fragments of shapes, hewn. In white silence: appealing. Joyce’s contemporary readers could hardly have read the phrase “white silence” 1 without ... popular sonnets of the Victorian age - on Hiram Powers’s even more famous statue “Greek Slave”. 2          The New York Herald of 4 June 1845 thought it worthwhile to report ...

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philirenists 2 Sep 2014, 01:07 by John Simpson

Philirenists: peace-loving monarchs U 15.4435: Struggle for life is the law of existence but but human philirenists, notably the tsar and the king of England, have invented arbitration ... Hampshire Advertiser and Joyce’s isolated use look like independent coinages, based on the Greek elements phil(o)- and e ἰ renikό s , or of some Latinised or even English ...

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sinned 1 Mar 2014, 00:53 by John Simpson

If I have sinned, I have suffered U 5.372-4: Letters on his back: I. N. R. I? No: I. H. S. Molly told me one time I asked ... this case "I.H.S." represents the first three letters of Jesus’ name in Greek capital letters (iota, eta, and sigma: ΙНΣ).      I.N.R.I. is an abbreviation of ...

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Dear dirty Dublin 30 Aug 2013, 11:21 by JJON Editors

Lady Morgan and “dear dirty Dublin”   D 8.165-7: I'm deuced glad, I can tell you, to get back to the old country. Does a fellow good, a ... familiar epithet for Dublin: When you stare, and you speak, Like a Roman or Greek, As the Mob of dear Dublin believe, [etc.]. 6       Around the same time another stream ...

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Gifford Corrections 2 14 Jun 2017, 02:59 by John Simpson

Corrections and additions to Gifford’s Ulysses Annotated and Joyce Annotated   This page offers brief corrections and additions to the published glossaries of Joyce’s work, notably Ulysses Annotated: Notes ... 6.461-2 white silence: Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Hiram Powers's sculpture the "Greek Slave" discussed in White silence in marble   6.612 doner: "doner" validated at the expense ...

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Trieste W 8 Sep 2013, 13:14 by John Simpson

Search by initial letter: Introduction -  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y ... Cambridge University Press, 1911) [Link to 1920 printing.] Witt, C., Myths of Hellas or Greek Tales, trans. Francis Younghusband (London: Longmans, 1883) [Link to 1891 Longmans ed.] Phillips-Wolley, Clive ...

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Cuthbert 26 Mar 2013, 05:13 by JJON Editors

Cuthbert the Wanderer   Stuart Gilbert describes the language of Bloom’s entrance to the Holles Maternity Hospital, and his conversation with nurse Callan, as “a hotchpotch of early Anglo-Saxon ... the Sun appear in Ovid’s Metamorphosis at Phaeton’s tomb, Lampetie (“Shining” in Greek) is modified   by the Latin adjective candida (M 2.349).   This word can be translated ...

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