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Fifth quarter 30 Aug 2013, 02:04 by John Simpson

The fifth quarter is the butcher’s profit   U 6.394-7: And then the fifth quarter lost: all that raw stuff, hide, hair, horns. Comes to a big thing ... raw stuff, hide, hair, horns. Comes to a big thing in a year. Dead meat trade. Byproducts of the slaughterhouses for tanneries, soap, margarine. C attle, sheep, and other four ...

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Veribest 3 Dec 2013, 03:03 by John Simpson

Advertising names that speak to you: 2 - Veribest U 17.593: Veribest (Boot Blacking). Joyce jotted down “veribest” in his notebooks from his observation and reading in mid to late ... Veribest” was best known in the food industry. Armour and Company was a successful meat-packing and food-processing business established initially in Chicago in the late nineteenth century. Veribest ...

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soap 4 Sep 2018, 10:54 by John Simpson

Soap-eating in the Arctic   U 17.1988-9: The land of the Eskimos (eaters of soap) Bloom contemplates various places abroad, moving from those with specific associations, such as ... of the seals are either eaten or used [by the Inuit]. The blubber and meat of the seals are eaten raw, while the intestines are either boiled or eaten raw ...

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Pronunciations 4 Sep 2018, 11:39 by John Simpson

Pronouncing Joyce [Please wait for the pronunciation bars to load in the table below]                                              Introduction                              A - M                                       N - Z Proper names in Joyce's writing can be pronounced in Dublin ... ɒnmək ˈ n ɒ ɪz/     Clonsilla Wonder if the dodge works now getting dicky meat off the train at Clonsilla.     / ˈkl ɒns ɪlə/     Clonskea handsomemarriedwomanrubbed againstwidebehindinClonskeatram     / ˈkl ɒnski:/     Clonturk park ...

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hencod 8 Feb 2016, 00:28 by John Simpson

Fried hencods’ roes and mutton kidneys: these are a few of his favourite things   U 4.2-5: He liked thick giblet soup, nutty gizzards, a stuffed roast heart, liver ... from the stock, thicken it, let it boil well, add salt, cayenne, also the meat, and serve.   Nutty gizzards It seems that “nutty gizzards” is not a fixed expression, and ...

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Field 29 Nov 2013, 12:35 by JJON Editors

William Field, the bard with the tumbling hair at Queen Dido’s banquet   U 12.829-30: Hairy Iopas, says the citizen, that exploded volcano, the darling of all countries ... valuable little booklet, William Field, M.P. by J.F Reid, editor of the Meat Trades' Journal , published apparently in 1918, informs us that Field frequently sang in Blackrock Townhall ...

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rich 9 Jun 2017, 06:51 by John Simpson

A rich breakfast of rashers   U . 3.97 The rich of a rasher fried with a herring? The silence of annotators is ambiguous. Does it mean there is nothing to ... tranche de lard frit". Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Phrases  Food  Meat  Cooking 

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FitzGerald 30 Aug 2013, 14:20 by JJON Editors

Edward FitzGerald at sea: Oxen notesheet 17   Under the heading “Sea” Joyce listed a number of terms in Oxen notesheet 17 1 that he found in a curious collection of ... betty, bettyin’ about the boat like an old woman.”   Herring NS 246.6 : ?block meat 3                           FitzGerald 208 : B LACK M EAT. Cured bacon   Herring NS 246.7 : ?fanny about ...

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missionaries 29 Oct 2015, 08:07 by John Simpson

Salty missionaries   U 8.744-7: Dignam’s potted meat. Cannibals would with lemon and rice. White missionary too salty. Like pickled pork. Expect the chief consumes the parts of ...

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