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Bonsoir - music.png 23 May 2012, 11:01 by JJON Editors

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sons 29 Oct 2015, 08:05 by John Simpson

Brown sons   U 12.234-7: — Cockburn. Dimsey, wife of David Dimsey, late of the admiralty: Miller, Tottenham, aged eightyfive: Welsh, June 12, at 35 Canning Street, Liverpool, Isabella Helen ... terms of address, paving the way for “my brown son”.   The language of the music halls “My brown son” is an unusual expression. In the late nineteenth century “brown” often ...

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Rossini 9 Dec 2019, 15:07 by John Simpson

Rossini, Mercadante, Meyerbeer   U 5.403-4: Some of that old sacred music splendid. Mercadante: seven last words. Bloom’s sometimes confused reflections on music are usually treated ad hoc ...

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May's band 28 Nov 2013, 13:07 by JJON Editors

May’s band of brothers   U 4.525-6: Morning after the bazaar dance when May's band played Ponchielli's dance of the hours. Technically Don Gifford (Ulysses Annotated ... say that May’s band was a band ‘maintained and supplied by May & Co., music sellers and professors of music and piano, 130 St. Stephen’s Green West in the ...

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Susie 9 Nov 2020, 06:11 by John Simpson

What was Sister Susie’s Playing?   [5 August 1932] I remember very well your singing One of the Family and Sister Susie's Playing. You always made the same mistake ... of Thomas Dermody (1806, vol. 1 p. 212): Oft have I heard your windy music Till it would make both me and you sick , And drunk the beer of Goody ...

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booze 29 Nov 2013, 12:38 by JJON Editors

Cheaper booze   U 12.1397-8 : She pulling him by the whiskers and singing him old bits of songs about Ehren on the Rhine and come where the boose is ... the song in the very early 1890s, and it is associated with the celebrated music-hall artist Charles Colborn (best known for his ‘ Two Lovely Black Eyes ’ and ‘ The Man ...

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Bartell d'Arcy: background detail 20 Aug 2011, 01:19 by JJON Editors

A selection of extracts from the newspapers An early public performance in Dublin, when the singer was still advertised as ‘Mr. B. M‘Carthy’, rather than ‘Bartle M‘Carthy’: Exhibition ... Joyce, the writer’s father, and Miss Callanan of the Royal Irish Academy of Music (Mary Ellen Callanan, whose mother Ellen Callanan née Flynn was another of the writer’s ...

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Flynn4 9 Jan 2015, 06:45 by John Simpson

The Misses Flynn, their other brothers, and Mary Ellen Callanan   There is a cruel irony in the fact that the earliest references to the Misses Flynn as singers in the ... Lane mentioned in "The Dead", arranged for all his daughters to be trained in music. 1       With so many Flynn sisters now known, it is not possible to gauge whether ...

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Flynn5 21 Jan 2015, 11:27 by John Simpson

The Misses Flynn’s grand annual concerts   U 8.417: There is not in this wide world a vallee. Great song of Julia Morkan’s. Kept her voice up to ... J M’Bride. Solo Pianoforte – Miss Callanan […] Tickets may be obtained at the principal Music Shops and at 15 Usher’s island. Freeman’s Journal (1887), 23 April       This time ...

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duodene 28 Nov 2013, 13:45 by JJON Editors

Duodenal harmony   U 11.323-5 : A duodene of birdnotes chirruped bright treble answer under sensitive hands. Brightly the keys, all twinkling, linked, all harpsichording, called to a voice to ... published On the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music, a translation of Die Lehre von den Tonempfindungen als physiologische Grundlage für die Theorie der ...

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