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Nannetti - image.jpg 2 Mar 2013, 03:15 by John Simpson

49k — on page Nannetti

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Nannetti 12 Feb 2015, 12:04 by John Simpson

J. P. Nannetti and the Lord Mayor’s antecedents   U 11.185-6 : […] Ceppi’s virgins, bright of their oils. Nannetti’s father hawked those things about, wheedling at doors ...

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Monks 31 May 2015, 02:16 by John Simpson

Monks, night fathers, and day fathers   U 7.195-202:   A DAYFATHER He walked on through the caseroom, passing an old man, bowed, spectacled, aproned. Old Monks, the dayfather. [...] Nearing ... offices of the Freeman’s Journal. He is known to his colleague J. P. Nannetti, then a foreman at the Freeman’s Journal, a leading old-style trade-unionist, and ...

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Gifford Corrections 3 30 May 2018, 14:59 by John Simpson

Ulysses Annotated Telemachus     Nestor     Proteus     Calypso     Lotus Eaters     Hades     Aeolus     Lestrygonians Scylla and Charybdis     Wandering Rocks     Sirens     Cyclops     Nausicaa     Oxen of the Sun Circe     Eumaeus     Ithaca     Penelope Other works Sirens ... the article Miss Douce and Miss Kennedy at a different bar   11.185-6 Nannetti's father: on Giuseppe rather than Giacomo Nannetti see the article J. P. Nannetti and ...

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workaday 29 Nov 2013, 12:27 by JJON Editors

Workaday workers in the printing works   U 7.87-9 : Strange he [Nannetti] never saw his real country. Ireland my country. Member for College green. He boomed that workaday worker ...

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Introduction to the fourth issue 3 Mar 2013, 08:12 by John Simpson

The fourth issue of the James Joyce Online Notes contains thirty-one articles, each of which seeks to elucidate some aspect of the people, environment, language, and allusions which form ... evidence for three sources cited in Joyce’s notebooks; Harald Beck identifies Joseph Patrick Nannetti’s father (at variance here with the Dictionary of Irish Biography); John Simpson investigates the ...

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Articles 10 Sep 2018, 05:38 by John Simpson

  THE MOST RECENT ADDITIONS ARE LISTED IN THE TOP SECTION OF THIS INDEX  Work  Chapter/Page  Category        Title                                     Author               Issue  Date    Ulysses       6.151  Joyce's People   Charles Dawson - lecturer ... John Simpson 4  December   2012   Ulysses       11.185-6  Joyce's People   J.P. Nannetti and the Lord Mayor's   antecedents   Harald Beck 4  December   2012   Ulysses  Letters     12.144 ...


Gifford Corrections 2 4 Sep 2018, 11:15 by John Simpson

Corrections and additions to Gifford’s Ulysses Annotated and Joyce Annotated   This page offers brief corrections and additions to the published glossaries of Joyce’s work, notably Ulysses Annotated: Notes ... of the "stores" described in The Prince and the Freeman   7.88 workaday worker: Nannetti's column exposed in the article Workaday workers in the printing works   7.166 spellingbee ...

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tissues 31 Jul 2018, 12:35 by John Simpson

Racing expresses and sporting tissues     D 6.48+: No one knew how he [Lenehan] achieved the stern task of living, but his name was vaguely associated with racing tissues .   U ... funeral he attended in 1904). In 1905 Hand was a member of the Joseph Nannetti Testimonial Committee.  

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Back Issues 30 Aug 2013, 02:01 by John Simpson

Issue archive:                Issue No 1               Issue No 2               Issue No 3              Issue No 4 Number 1 - September 2011        Contents         Introduction to the first issue      The Editors   Joyce's People The ... up the Madams Gallant Mick Hart   Emily Lyons sets sail for Boston   J.P. Nannetti and the Lord Mayor's antecedents Ditto MacAnaspey and the same for me, please Joyce ...

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