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opera.jpg 10 Sep 2011, 14:41 by JJON Editors

221k — on page Shah

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Elster Grime 29 Nov 2013, 12:49 by JJON Editors

Elster and Grime and the Grand Old Opera   U 6.184-7 : Hoardings: Eugene Stratton. Mrs Bandmann Palmer. Could I go and see Leah tonight, I wonder. [...] Or the Lily ...

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Parkinson 31 May 2015, 02:12 by John Simpson

Old Parkinson, the English tenor   D 15.810-17: “For me,” said Aunt Kate, who had been picking a bone, “there was only one tenor. To please me, I mean ... performances there took place in March 1872 at the Gaiety with the Royal National Opera from London’s St. James Theatre; he was to return to Dublin in September of ...

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Rose of Castile 29 Nov 2013, 12:12 by JJON Editors

My brandnew riddle - the Rose of Castile      U 7.586-91 Lenehan extended his hands in protest. - But my riddle! he said. What opera is like a railway line? - Opera ...

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Dubedat 4 Sep 2018, 11:20 by John Simpson

Marie Dubedat – the Irish Nightingale       U 8.888-91: May I tempt you to a little more filleted lemon sole, miss Dubedat? Yes, do bedad. And she did bedad. Huguenot ... in the Dublin venues with which Joyce’s father, as an avid singer and opera-goer, was familiar – particularly the Antient Concert Rooms in Great Brunswick Street.            When Miss Du ...

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Jenny Lind 4 Jul 2018, 02:02 by John Simpson

Jenny Lind soup for the professional soprano   U 11.699-700: Must be abstemious to sing. Jenny Lind soup: stock, sage, raw eggs, half pint of cream. Bloom’s mind ... listening to the talk and singing. He remembers a story about the popular Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind (Johanna Maria Lind, 1820-87), that she was associated with a particular ...

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soubrette 31 May 2015, 00:40 by John Simpson

The “charming soubrette” of the stage   U 10.1220-2: A charming soubrette, great Marie Kendall, with dauby cheeks and lifted skirt smiled daubily from her poster upon William Humble ... A maid-servant or lady's maid as a character in a play or opera, usually one of a pert, coquettish, or intriguing character; an actress or singer taking such ...

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Bartell d'Arcy 4 Sep 2018, 11:36 by John Simpson

The man behind Mr Bartell d’Arcy Around 1889, when the Blooms lived in Pleasants Street, Molly sang with ‘the tenor coming up just then’ , 1   Mr Bartell d’Arcy ... Arcy has almost become gospel. 4 But the leading tenor of the Carl Rosa Opera Company between 1878 and 1887 was clearly in a league above a gifted Dublin amateur ...

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Gifford Corrections 2 27 Mar 2019, 08:57 by John Simpson

Corrections and additions to Gifford’s Ulysses Annotated and Joyce Annotated   This page offers brief corrections and additions to the published glossaries of Joyce’s work, notably Ulysses Annotated: Notes ... destruction of the open-air pulpit at St Mark's   6.186 Elster Grime Opera Company: for a brief history of the company read the article Elster and Grime and ...

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Mayer 30 Aug 2013, 02:09 by John Simpson

Freddy Mayer of Joseph Poole’s Myriorama   U 18.1292-4: He was always on for flirtyfying too when I sang Maritana with him at Freddy Mayers private opera. Molly ...

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