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Italian colony 29 Nov 2013, 12:57 by JJON Editors

The Italian Colony in South Dublin     U 16.865-9 : On the contrary that stab in the back touch was quite in keeping with those italianos though candidly he was ... his continuation of Household Words:   His name is Barilone, and he cooks at the organ-grinders’ restaurant in the Italian quarter of London. I might relate how excellently and delicately ...

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Joycean price guide 25 Aug 2013, 05:57 by JJON Editors

A  Joycean Price Guide     The following is intended to provide some standard of comparison for the various prices and other sums of money mentioned in Joyce’s works. Where a ... at Mrs Maloney’s doss-house game of billiards at Adelphi Hotel  given to organ-grinder to go away  value of a yearling sheep U 8.367-8 U 8 ...

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