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forty 31 May 2015, 02:42 by John Simpson

Fair and forty goes far in a day   U 16.1550-1: the cause of many liaisons between still attractive married women getting on for fair and forty and younger ... women” who are just beyond their prime illustrates yet again Joyce’s ear for phrases which have evaded detailed classification and evaluation by scholars.      Dent identifies “fair and forty” as ...

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rabbits 28 Nov 2013, 13:42 by JJON Editors

The rabbits that caused all the trouble   15.2698-702 : ([… ] Bloom   […] takes the chocolate from his pocket and offers it nervously to Zoe.)                                         ZOE ( sniffs his hair briskly. ) Hmmm! Thank ... way of saying farewell” (John Miller, The Lingo Dictionary: Of Favourite Australian Words and Phrases, 2011), and              b)    the meaning probably intended by Zoe and known in Ireland as evidenced ...

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Miss This 28 Nov 2013, 13:36 by JJON Editors

U 18.879 Miss This Miss That Miss Theother This is yet one more instance that demonstrates Joyce's insistence on authentic language in Ulysses, and his intention to document ... Tom that, and pretty Miss theother, the audience are nightly surprised by such classic phrases as ‘Avast heaving’, ‘Welsh anchor’,…and similar idiomatic expressions. The Times (London, England) (1837) 20 ...

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Job 15 Nov 2012, 14:10 by John Simpson

I’d like my job! – Not likely!       U 5.178-9 :  Didn't catch me napping that wheeze. The quick touch. Soft mark. I'd like my job. Valise I ... Paddy Crosbie’s Your Dinner’s Poured Out (1981), and particularly his appendix of “Phrases from the Markets Area and a short glossary of Dublin Slang words”: I'd like ...

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Harraden 4 Jun 2014, 01:19 by John Simpson

Beatrice Harraden guiding the thread and Clarence E. Mulford shanghaied: Nausicaa notesheets 4 and 8   Joyce’s attention may have been drawn to the English writer Beatrice Harraden (1864–1936 ... passing interest. He obviously ploughed through Harraden’s Guiding Thread and copied the following phrases from it into his notes for Nausicaa: 1   Herring Notesheets 2 140.58:   joyous little ...

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Oxen 4 Sep 2018, 11:01 by John Simpson

Oxen of the Sun ― allocating text in the closing paragraphs     Although many aspects of the coda to Oxen of the Sun have been explored, it has never been analysed in ... use “First Voice”, “Second Voice”.      We remain doubtful about much. Sometimes individual sentences and phrases separated by stops are to be attributed to different speakers; sometimes a sequence of phrases ...

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ducks 31 May 2015, 01:18 by John Simpson

Milking ducks grandmother’s way   U 12.838: Mister Knowall. Teach your grandmother how to milk ducks. Robert Dent and other commentators have offered partial histories of the derisive I ... phrase is repeated in Alexander Nicolson’s important Collection of Gaelic Proverbs and Familiar Phrases (1881, p. 211).      As the century continues, the saying finds a wider audience, but is ...

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Malory 3 Mar 2013, 02:55 by JJON Editors

Malory and Sir Leopold, King U 14.167-86: This meanwhile this good sister stood by the door and begged [...] Woman's woe with wonder pondering. According to Joyce’s ... and the beginning of the “Elizabethan chronicle” parody there are at least twenty-five phrases that Joyce copied from Malory. But there are also borrowings in these pages from, among ...

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brass 3 Oct 2016, 01:07 by John Simpson

Brass by gold in your pocket   U 11.1090-1: Gold in your pocket, brass in your face. Bloom uses this phrase in the Sirens episode to explain Boylan’s ... Police News (1886), Saturday, 15 May Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Phrases  Money  Theatre  1 In the Wandering Rocks episode the reader is told that “Blazes Boylan ...

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coconut 4 Jun 2014, 01:10 by John Simpson

The milk in the coconut – a hairy puzzle   U 12.976-8: Hoho begob says I to myself, says I. That explains the milk in the cocoanut and the absence ... Idaho Daily Statesman (1904), 16 April p. 3 Search by keyword (within this site) Phrases  America  Entertainment 

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