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MacAnaspey 28 Nov 2013, 13:30 by JJON Editors

Ditto McAnaspey and the same for me, please   U 12.144-7 : - Wine of the country, says he. - What’s yours? Says Joe. - Ditto MacAnaspey, says I. -Three pints, Terry ... meaning simply ‘ditto’”.      Gifford (Ulysses Annotated) tells us that the expression arose in local politics: This peculiar name means "son of the bishop" in Irish. At the time of the ...

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Dawson 2 Jun 2018, 15:42 by John Simpson

Charles Dawson – lecturer on talking about everything U 6.151 Did you read Dan Dawson’s speech? Martin Cunningham asked. The style and content of Dawson’s speech are mocked ... the next Mr. Dawson holds forth from a public platform. One day it’s politics, and the next day industry, and not the least surprising part of the business is ...

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O'Mahony 5 Jun 2018, 12:34 by JJON Editors

The short but remarkable life of John O’Mahony   U 7.292: Cleverest fellow at the junior bar he used to be. Decline, poor chap. That hectic flush spells finis ... at the same time ranking amongst close friends many who differed from him in politics.      As well as his professional and literary pursuits, O’Mahony was a convivial friend: Finally ...

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Brixton 10 Jul 2017, 02:08 by John Simpson

George Moore and the Brixton Empire   U 7.478-9: – Imperium romanum, J.J. O’Molloy said gently. It sounds nobler than British or Brixton. Gifford is correct in linking ... a concession of defeat? Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Wordplay  London  Politics  Moore  Theatre  Journalism  1 Gifford’s form “begirdle“ is a transcription error. See second quotation ...

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fox 31 May 2015, 00:49 by John Simpson

Free fox, free hen-roost   U 15.1692-7: No more patriotism of barspongers and dropsical impostors. Free money, free rent, free love and a free lay church in a ... between free church and free fox. Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Politics  Phrases  Austria  1 Ferdinand Kürnberger, "Freiheit, die ich meine", in Neues Wiener Tagblatt (1870) 3 ...

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brown paper 2 Jun 2015, 11:14 by JJON Editors

Brown-paper suits in fashion   U 16.1185-9: O’Callaghan […] was in the habit of ostentatiously sporting in public a suit of brown paper (a fact). The “suit of ... John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Myths  Fashion  Athletics  America  Betting  Medicine  Politics  Sea  Journalism  1 Mrs. S. H. Palfrey, “Mr. John Rollins’s Revenge”, in Lend a ...

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Sheehan 28 Nov 2013, 13:14 by JJON Editors

Daniel T. Sheehan: a university friend     The Dublin medical student Daniel T. Sheehan is referred to twice in Joyce’s Letters (and once in the Dublin Diary of his brother ... in Killarney. His wife Mary died in 1906, but Jeremiah retained an interest in politics. A year after his son Daniel spoke at the Abbey Theatre, Jeremiah – the old Anti ...

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retirement 25 Aug 2015, 14:57 by John Simpson

Retirement into public life   U 8.515-6: Still David Sheehy beat him for south Meath. Apply for the Chiltern Hundreds and retire into public life. Joyce was particularly attracted ... a passing shadow in Ulysses. John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Phrases  Politics  Parliament  1 Sentences such as the following, from John Eustace’s Tour through Italy (1813 ...

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Dear dirty Dublin 30 Aug 2013, 11:21 by JJON Editors

Lady Morgan and “dear dirty Dublin”   D 8.165-7: I'm deuced glad, I can tell you, to get back to the old country. Does a fellow good, a ... November, ch. 9 p. 584. 20 Julia Donovan. Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan and the Politics of Style (2009), ch. 5 p. 200. 21 Preston Guardian (1887) 26 February.

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eyrie 30 Aug 2013, 02:10 by John Simpson

Observing from his quaint-perched aerie   Joyce’s early poem Et Tu, Healy, written at the age of nine after the death of Parnell in October 1891, survives only in ... von Finnegans Wake (1960). 4 John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Poetry  Politics  Parnell  Literature  Germany  Back to top 1 Stanislaus Joyce My brother's keeper: James Joyce ...

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