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give and take 4 Jun 2014, 02:23 by John Simpson

Give and take is not fair play   U 15.3514-18:                   ZOE Give a thing and take it back God’ll ask you where is that You’ll say you ... back in English at least until the sixteenth century, but different wording. The standard “proverb” reads: “Give a thing and take a thing, to wear the Devil’s gold ring ...

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ducks 31 May 2015, 01:18 by John Simpson

Milking ducks grandmother’s way   U 12.838: Mister Knowall. Teach your grandmother how to milk ducks. Robert Dent and other commentators have offered partial histories of the derisive I ... sucking eggs, and certainly not of milking ducks.      As with other versions of the proverb, the word “grandmother” enters quite late. Earlier it is normally “grandame”, or “mammy”, or some ...

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head 3 Dec 2013, 03:10 by John Simpson

Head upon shoulder   U 10.657-8: Are you trying to imitate your uncle John [...] head upon shoulder? The expression “head upon shoulders” has nothing to do with the old ... upon shoulder? The expression “head upon shoulders” has nothing to do with the old proverb about a wise (or old) head upon young shoulders. Simon is simply saying "Dilly, don ...

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Gifford Corrections 3 13 Feb 2018, 05:56 by John Simpson

Ulysses Annotated Telemachus     Nestor     Proteus     Calypso     Lotus Eaters     Hades     Aeolus     Lestrygonians Scylla and Charybdis     Wandering Rocks     Sirens     Cyclops     Nausicaa     Oxen of the Sun Circe     Eumaeus     Ithaca     Penelope Other works Sirens ... in Ulysses : 1973, p. 401 ) correctly alludes to Swift’s use of this traditional proverb in his Polite Conversation (1738): “Fingers were made before Forks, and Hands before Knives”. Joyce ...

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glue-pots 29 Nov 2013, 12:32 by JJON Editors

Glue-pot steals heart     U 14 .1479-80 : Your starving eyes and allbeplastered neck you stole my heart, O gluepot.     It may come as a surprise to readers to find ... in love with a beautiful and accomplished English lady. The servant, according to tho proverb of "like master, like man", was determined to be also in love, and consequently laid ...

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Thursday 29 Nov 2013, 12:26 by JJON Editors

  A good day for trimming your nails   U 13.117-19 : She had cut it that very morning on account of the new moon and it nestled about her pretty ... a popular superstition relating to marriage:   Thursday For Wealth. This alludes to an old proverb or rhyme that supposedly tells what days of the week are good for marrying. The ...

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