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Blacow 18 Sep 2018, 11:18 by John Simpson

The irreverent Richard Blacow in Ulysses   U 15.1757-8 : This vile hypocrite, bronzed with infamy, is the white bull mentioned in the Apocalypse. U 15.1768-9 : By heaven ... late November and December 1921. Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Religion  Queens  Shakespeare  100 Years Ago  Politics  Parnell  Back to top 1 Shakespeare, Cymbeline, ii. v. 13 ...

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buffalo 31 May 2015, 02:29 by John Simpson

Pom! he shouted twice: Some Memories of Buffalo Bill (1919) in Ulysses   U 16.404-5: — Buffalo Bill shoots to kill, Never missed nor he never will . For the eight ... name that would travel around the world, that would be repeated by kings and queens, presidents and regents, and that would eventually become known to every child who breathed the ...

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silence 1 Mar 2014, 01:28 by John Simpson

White silence in marble   U 6.461-2 Fragments of shapes, hewn. In white silence: appealing. Joyce’s contemporary readers could hardly have read the phrase “white silence” 1 without ... Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Poetry  Art  Greece  Italy  Queens  Caption 1: Hiram Powers’s Greek Slave (1851), on display at the Düsseldorf Gallery in New York ...

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doubles 28 Nov 2013, 13:44 by JJON Editors

Solving the doubles   U 15.1630-1 : Free medical and legal advice, solution of doubles and other problems. All cordially invited. Bloom the advertiser makes a number of cordial offers ... S S     upplie      S  John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Puzzles  Journalism  Queens  Advertising  Back to top

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booze 29 Nov 2013, 12:38 by JJON Editors

Cheaper booze   U 12.1397-8 : She pulling him by the whiskers and singing him old bits of songs about Ehren on the Rhine and come where the boose is ... the deuce of a joss'). John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Songs  Queens  Music Hall  Theatre  Back to top

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Buckley 28 Nov 2013, 13:19 by JJON Editors

Rifleman Buckley     John Wyse Jackson and Peter Costello neatly summarize what we know about Fred Buckley, another of the rate-collectors from John Stanislaus Joyce’s day:   Of the other ... Search by keyword (within this site) Dublin Corporation  Rates  Sport  Shooting  America  Freemasonry  Conservative  Queens  Trade  Back to top 1 Robert Buckley’s Metrical Translations was published by Longman in ...

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Ruhlin 28 Nov 2013, 13:20 by JJON Editors

Mrs Gus Rublin: boxing and women’s suffrage     U 15.3257-9 : Unsolicited testimonials […] My bust developed four inches in three weeks, reports Mrs Gus Rublin with photo.   When Sarah ... his widow in her fight against the re-election of Alderman Otto Gelbke of Queens county. At a political rally Mrs. Ruhlin held up the urn containing the ashes of ...

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whiskers 3 Oct 2018, 11:49 by John Simpson

The swinging whiskers   U 18.159-61: Mina Purefoys husband give us a swing out of your whiskers filling her up with a child or twins once a year Gifford ... be the “touch” required. Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Phrases  Beards  Queens  1 R. W. Dent, Colloquial Language in Ulysses (Newark: 1994), p. 255.

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puffed 25 Aug 2015, 14:51 by John Simpson

Puffed and powdered, cocked and shaved   U 8.506-7: Charley Kavanagh used to come out on his high horse, cocked hat, puffed, powdered and shaved. Sources suggest that a ... English foppery. John Simpson Search by keyword (within this site) Fashion  Phrases  Politics  London  Queens  Journalism  1 Age (1834), 3 August. 2 Satirist (1845), 25 May. 3 Anglo-American (1845 ...

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Vieille ogresse 28 Nov 2013, 13:52 by JJON Editors

The old hag with the yellow teeth   U 3.230-4: M. Drumont, famous journalist, Drumont, know what he called queen Victoria? Old hag with the yellow teeth. Vieille ogresse ... the Jewish question...   Harald Beck Search by keyword (within this site) Songs  Landlords  Journalism  Queens  Judaism    Back to top

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