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Dead Sea umbrella - image1b.jpg 4 Mar 2015, 12:30 by John Simpson

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Dead Sea umbrella - image.jpg 2 Mar 2015, 07:21 by John Simpson

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Dead Sea 31 May 2015, 02:43 by John Simpson

On the Dead Sea, afloat with a parasol   U 5.37-9: Where was the chap I saw in that picture somewhere? Ah, yes, in the dead sea floating on ...

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dead_sea.jpg 4 Mar 2015, 12:46 by JJON Editors

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gem 29 Oct 2015, 08:06 by John Simpson

The green gem of Ireland set in the silver sea   U 7.236: ERIN, GREEN GEM OF THE SILVER SEA Don Gifford correctly establishes that Joyce’s headline in Aeolus ...

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Cuthbert 26 Mar 2013, 05:13 by JJON Editors

Cuthbert the Wanderer   Stuart Gilbert describes the language of Bloom’s entrance to the Holles Maternity Hospital, and his conversation with nurse Callan, as “a hotchpotch of early Anglo-Saxon ... The aforesaid holy man was wonted that he would go at night to the sea, and stand on the salt brim up to his swire [ neck ] singing his beads. Then ...

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Flammarion 15 Dec 2019, 14:17 by John Simpson

Camille Flammarion’s Astronomy for Amateurs (1904) in Ulysses U  4.84–6 : Somewhere in the east: early morning: set off at dawn. Travel round in front of the sun ... colour of Joyce’s crayon cancellation, either blue or red: b Lake of Dreams / Sea of Fecundity / Swamp of Mists / Gulf of Dews / Sea of Rains Herring 9:20–24 ...

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Terrace 22 Jan 2020, 12:10 by John Simpson

Stepping back to Leahy’s Terrace   U 3:35: “They came down the steps from Leahy’s terrace” In late June 1959 the American scholar William York Tindall arrived in ... the pictures taken by Tindall on his sojourn was of the steps in the sea wall off Beach road in Sandymount at the end of Leahy’s terrace which at ...

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Halfseasover 8 Dec 2015, 07:30 by John Simpson

The half-seas-over empire of Britain   U 5.71-2: Griffith’s paper is on the same tack now: an army rotten with venereal disease: overseas or halfseasover empire ... in its literal sense in the sixteenth century, the century of Britain’s early sea-going expansionism. At this time it meant “halfway across the sea”, as in this early ...

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FitzGerald 30 Aug 2013, 14:20 by JJON Editors

Edward FitzGerald at sea: Oxen notesheet 17   Under the heading “Sea” Joyce listed a number of terms in Oxen notesheet 17 1 that he found in a curious collection of ...

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