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Buckley 28 Nov 2013, 13:19 by JJON Editors

Rifleman Buckley     John Wyse Jackson and Peter Costello neatly summarize what we know about Fred Buckley, another of the rate-collectors from John Stanislaus Joyce’s day:   Of the other ... competitions. His results are recorded from May 1887. In September 1888 we read:   Rifle Shooting. Dalkey Rifle Club. On the handicap FA Buckley was 1st , W E Bradshaw, 2nd ; [etc ...

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Gallaher1 15 Jan 2014, 15:04 by John Simpson

Ignatius per ignotius : the short life and extraordinary times of Frederick Gallaher 1: Making his way in the world   U 7.626-30: The Great Gallaher […] that was a pressman ... keyword (within this site) Journalism  Cork  Education  Swimming  Drink  Sailing  Horse-racing  Betting  America  Shooting  Crime  Sport  1 See the Irish Genealogy database ( ...

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Powell 17 Feb 2014, 01:25 by John Simpson

‘One of Britain’s fighting men’: Major Malachi Powell and Ulysses U 15.4612-6: Major Tweedy, moustached like Turko the terrible, in bearskin cap with hackleplume and accoutrements, with ... improvements. Search by keyword (within this site) Army  Australia  Gallaher  Cork  Crimea  Real name  Shooting  1 Richard Ellmann, Letters of James Joyce (New York: Viking Press, 1966), p. 77.         2 ...

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throwaway 1 Mar 2016, 09:49 by JJON Editors

A crumpled throwaway: an arresting tale   U 10.752-4: North wall and sir John Rogerson’s quay, with hulls and anchorchains, sailing westward, sailed by a skiff, a crumpled ... a crumpled throwaway, Elijah is coming, rode lightly down the Liffey, under Loopline bridge, shooting the rapids where water chafed around the bridgepiers, sailing eastward past hulls and anchorchains, between ...

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Introduction to the first issue 30 Aug 2013, 02:00 by John Simpson

James Joyce Online Notes has been set up to publish new short notes on the words, allusions, people, and things of Ulysses and Joyce's other fictional works prior to ... he arrive there?), and John Simpson helps to pin down the reference to the shooting of a mad cow on the Cabra Road.            Joyce’s Environs picks up additional stories ...

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Joseph Casey 28 Nov 2013, 13:06 by JJON Editors

They simply fade away: news on the life and death of an old soldier - Joseph Casey     Joyce met the former Fenian revolutionary Joseph Casey in Paris in 1903, probably at ... some years ago he said: - 'When the revolt broke out in Paris with the shooting of Generals Thomas and Clement, I went to the Hotel de Ville and handed in ...

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