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Song MaMere.JPG 23 May 2012, 10:52 by JJON Editors

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Jeep 30 May 2018, 10:21 by John Simpson

The Jeep-crux   U 16.1884: Und alle Schiffe brücken The narrator of the Eumaeus episode alleges that this odd line – literally “And all ships bridge” –  is the end of ... straightforward four stanzas leaves no doubt that there is no possible context in the song as a whole, let alone in its final verse, where this line would not be ...

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Susie 4 Jun 2014, 02:20 by John Simpson

What was Sister Susie’s Playing?   [5 August 1932] I remember very well your singing One of the Family and Sister Susie's Playing. You always made the same mistake ... Family is not particularly mysterious or hard to track down. It was a comic song, written and composed by Fred Murray and Fred W. Leigh, and sung to acclaim by ...

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booze 29 Nov 2013, 12:38 by JJON Editors

Cheaper booze   U 12.1397-8 : She pulling him by the whiskers and singing him old bits of songs about Ehren on the Rhine and come where the boose is ... cheaper. Weldon Thornton (Allusions in Ulysses , p. 287) convincingly explains the origin of the song ‘Come where the booze is cheaper’: Hodgart and Worthington list this as an allusion to ...

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Ohio 29 Nov 2013, 12:38 by JJON Editors

A perfect cretic floating down the O-hi-O   U 7.367-9 :   –   Ohio! The editor crowed in high treble from his uplifted scarlet face. My Ohio!   –  A perfect cretic ... long. Why does Myles Crawford, editor of Dublin’s Evening Telegraph, launch into a song about Ohio? And what is the song that he’s singing?          On the face of ...

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Pope 1 Mar 2014, 01:09 by John Simpson

Kicking the Pope before us   U 15.4717-18: (In strident discord peasants and townsmen of Orange and Green factions sing Kick the Pope and Daily, daily sing to Mary ... of 1922, when Ulysses was published. The reason for this is that the marching song does not stand still. To investigate the origins of “Kick the Pope” we need to ...

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brave 1 Mar 2014, 01:01 by John Simpson

And do the brave deserve the fair?   U 15.4631-4:                                                      CISSY CAFFREY                                                                                                                          They’re going to fight. For me!                                                                                                                                            ... connected in the public mind with the linkage is apparent from John Glanvill’s “ Song, Occasioned by a Manuscript, one of Mr. Dryden 's, since printed in the fifth Miscellany ...

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Heaven 30 Aug 2013, 02:07 by John Simpson

Treading water to paradise U 6.448-51: Cheaper transit. By easy stages. Houseboats. Camping out. Also hearses. To heaven by water . Perhaps I will without writing. Come as a ... en route to Paris” in Bentley’s Miscellany (1849) seems to allude to this song (or a similar one): "[She] rashly resolving to commit herself and sorrows to the friendly ...

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Bonsoir 29 Nov 2013, 12:32 by JJON Editors

Bonsoir la compagnie   U 14.1534-6 : Closingtime, gents. Eh? Rome boose for the Bloom toff [...] Play low, pardner. Slide. Bonsoir la compagnie . There are several options we can chose ... and Don Gifford is surely right in taking this route, writing: Hodgart and Worthington ( Song in the Works of James Joyce [New York, 1959]) list this as the title of ...

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Molly's hand 4 Sep 2018, 10:08 by John Simpson

In Molly’s hand there steals another   U 18.78-80: ... the night Boylan gave my hand a great squeeze going along by the Tolka in my hand there steals ... the assumption that “in my hand there steals another” is an allusion to a song - and they were right.            Like most of the other snippets of songs in Ulysses this ...

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