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No 7 Eccles street 2 14 Dec 2019, 14:53 by John Simpson

Sanitary matters at No. 7 Eccles street     U 7.494-5: It is meet to be here. Let us construct a watercloset. The Dublin house of No. 7 Eccles street ... ground floor, where there is a door out and down steps to the backyard toilet. 3 Bloom’s remarks indicate that in the fictional world of Ulysses there is an ...

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Home 1 Jan 2021, 02:17 by JJON Editors

Read the latest articles and the  Introduction  to issue 16 ************** Marie Dubedat - the Irish nightingale Joyce was intrigued by the literary possibilities of the name ‘Dubedat’, and he refers to ... for news and updates here ************** More featured articles Did the Blooms have an internal toilet? No plans exsist showing the internal layout of No 7 Eccles Street, but Ian Gunn ...


puffed 25 Aug 2015, 14:51 by John Simpson

Puffed and powdered, cocked and shaved   U 8.506-7: Charley Kavanagh used to come out on his high horse, cocked hat, puffed, powdered and shaved. Sources suggest that a ... moved that they be " cocked, powdered, and shaved "; in other words, make their appropriate toilet in corporate costume, for appearance before the throne.       In the same year the Anglo-American ...

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Introduction to the fifteenth issue 16 Dec 2019, 15:17 by John Simpson

It will come as no surprise to anyone interested in the real world behind the fiction of Joyce’s novels that this issue of the James Joyce Online Notes contains ... Environs section of the website, Ian Gunn investigates whether the Blooms had an internal toilet – though he necessarily bases his work on historical and literary evidence, as floor plans are ...

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No 7 Eccles St 3 19 Oct 2020, 02:07 by John Simpson

Beyond the façade – Uncovering the physical structure of No. 7 Eccles Street   “The danger lies in the neatness of identifications” (Dante...Bruno. Vico...Joyce – Samuel Beckett) This article was initially ... the house and about twenty feet deep. In this yard there was a supplementary toilet to the left as you went out; and a garden, which in my time was ...

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