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Crofton 28 Nov 2013, 13:17 by JJON Editors

James Crofton: a tradition of public service     D 12.477-80 : - This is Parnell’s anniversary, said O’Connor, and don’t let’s stir up any bad blood. We ... contacts to obtain a job, and in 1871 very nearly became Master of the Workhouse run by the South Dublin Union:   South Union – Yesterday… Election of Master [of the workhouse ...

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Woods 9 Jun 2017, 06:46 by John Simpson

Stopping by Woods next-door   U 4.148-50: He stood by the nextdoor girl at the counter. Would she buy it too, calling the items from a slip in ... third doors down    Their problems increased. In 1908 Rosanna was admitted to the Dublin Workhouse twice (“8 Eccles Street”, “wife of furniture carrier”). On the second occasion she “Came in ...

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MacHugh4 1 Dec 2015, 02:28 by John Simpson

The reluctant professor MacHugh:4 Prison, the second time The professorship at University College Dublin held by Hugh’s brother, Eoin McNeill, was not renewed when it came up for ... Hospital in Dublin, he was conveyed to south Dublin, to the City’s remaining workhouse, where he died. 6 He died in obscurity: there were no obituaries and only a ...

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Job 15 Nov 2012, 14:10 by John Simpson

I’d like my job! – Not likely!       U 5.178-9 :  Didn't catch me napping that wheeze. The quick touch. Soft mark. I'd like my job. Valise I ... to be imposed on.’ The phrase occurs in Lady Gregory’s short play, The Workhouse Ward (1909):   Mike McInerney: […] Bring the both of us with you, Honor, and the height ...

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