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Marcella 28 Nov 2013, 13:32 by JJON Editors

Marcella, the Midget Queen   U 16.849-50 : Giants, though that is a far cry, you see once in a way, Marcella, the Midget Queen. In those waxworks in Henry ... waxworks, but there was only one Marcella, the Midget Queen. She appeared at the ‘Worlds Fair Waxwork Exhibition’, run by Charles Augustus James, at 30 Henry Street, from 1893 ...

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Bartell d'Arcy: background detail 20 Aug 2011, 01:19 by JJON Editors

A selection of extracts from the newspapers An early public performance in Dublin, when the singer was still advertised as ‘Mr. B. M‘Carthy’, rather than ‘Bartle M‘Carthy’: Exhibition ... Mr. B. M’Carthy…. Song, ‘Si tu savais' … Balfe. Mr. B. M’Carthy.’ Freeman's Journal  (1871) 10 April A good review for the young tenor, singing some popular Irish ...

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Bartell d'Arcy 4 Sept 2018, 11:36 by John Simpson

The man behind Mr Bartell d’Arcy Around 1889, when the Blooms lived in Pleasants Street, Molly sang with ‘the tenor coming up just then’ , 1   Mr Bartell d’Arcy ... him kissing her in exuberant enthusiasm on the choir stairs after she sang Gounod’s ‘Ave Maria’ in St. Francis Xavier's church in Upper Gardiner Street (U 16.1717 ...

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Introduction to the first issue 30 Aug 2013, 02:00 by John Simpson

James Joyce Online Notes has been set up to publish new short notes on the words, allusions, people, and things of Ulysses and Joyce's other fictional works prior to ... other small nuggets of information which help to explain Joyce’s texts or the world in which he lived (and latterly observed from afar).            The two editors have different and ...

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