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The real Miss Douce and Miss Kennedy?

Sirens of the Ormond Bar? But a Miss Dowse managed Dublin's Bailey restaurant in real life, and Miss Kennedy was her housekeeper.

And was there a shower of frogs in Gibraltar?

A Reuters news report
just as Joyce was putting the finishing touches to Molly's monologue in 1921 brought the frogs to his attention 


Proper names in Joyce's writing can be pronounced in Dublin English in ways which are surprising to those unfamiliar with the dialect. Often the stress falls in unexpected places (as in D'Olier Street)


Aungier Street

Comings and Goings: Joyce's words in the Oxford English Dictionary

Work towards the Third Edition of the OED (2000-; now around 40% complete) changes the profile of Joyce in the dictionary, especially as his quotations are sometimes displaced by new first usages found in other, earlier sources [more...]

Charles Dawson - lecturer on talking about everything

"Did you read Dan Dawson’s speech? Martin Cunningham asked." To Bloom he was "Bladderbags"; to Professor MacHugh he was an "inflated windbag". Public perception of him as an “inflated windbag” or “Bladderbags” has not been forthcoming, but a contribution to a

Charles Dawson, as depicted in The Jarvey (1889)

 regular feature called “Letters to prominent individuals” in The Jarvey, a short-lived humorous paper that called itself the Irish Punch, suggests that Dawson’s reputation as a public speaker seems to have been at least for some people not all that different from Joyce’s presentation of it.

Read the full story at Joyce's People here.

And what is the story behind Jenny Lind soup, bland enough not to affect the Swedish nightingale's singing voice? Or in Joyce's words: "Must be abstemious to sing. Jenny Lind soup: stock, sage, raw eggs, half pint of cream"

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Catching a cold in the park, with the gate open

"Lenehan has to sing for his supper, and he does so with a stock of mostly music-hall, pantomime wtticisms and popular lore. Here is one [more...]

Daniel T. Sheehan

The Dublin medical student Daniel T. Sheehan is referred to twice in Joyce's Letters [...] and yet very little is known about him [more...]

Trieste Library

Links to the texts of Joyce's Trieste Library have been updated, with new access to the 1896 translation of Jacobsen's Siren Voices, Levides' La civilisation dans les h
ôpitaux, Marinetti and [more...]

Michael Hart (phthisis, Mater)

Michael ("Mick") Hart, a friend of Joyce's father John Joyce, appears in two guises in Ulysses: first as himself, as Bloom runs through a list of his departed acquaintances  [more...]

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