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Joycean price guide

A Joycean Price Guide



The following is intended to provide some standard of comparison for the various prices and other sums of money mentioned in Joyce’s works. Where a price is not stated by Joyce, it has been supplied from the 1907 catalogue of the Army & Navy Stores (ANS). Dublin prices may have been cheaper.


In British pre-decimal currency:


1 guinea           = £1 1s

£1 (one pound)     = 20 shillings or 240 pennies

1s (one shilling)  = 12 pence (pennies)

1d (one penny)     = 2 halfpennies or 4 farthings


Coins in use were the gold sovereign (£1 or a 'quid') and half-sovereign (10s); the crown (5s); the half-crown (2s 6d); the florin (2s); the shilling or 'bob' (1s); the sixpence or 'tanner' (6d); the threepenny bit (3d); the penny (1d); halfpenny (½d), and the farthing (¼d).
The guinea no longer existed as a coin, but was still used as a pricing unit in upmarket shops, in reckoning professional fees, and in prizes for horse races.

Specifically Irish terms are 'bar' (shilling), 'wing' (penny) and 'make' (halfpenny).




eight plums
five Woodbine cigarettes
two apples
two Banbury cakes
two herrings
one pint of porter
donation to a onelegged sailor
Freeman’s Journal
secondhand French primer
U 6.294
SH 137
U 8.69
U 8.74-5
U 16.273-4
D: Counterparts
U 18.346
U 17.1439
U 10.116-17, U 17.1461, W 80.34
U 10.863


plate of peas
D: Two Gallants


pint of milk
pint of beer
admission to waxworks (children 1d)
shave for Simon Dedalus
secondhand books (four for 6d)
notepaper and two envelopes
tip to a bothered waiter
cigar at Barney Kiernan’s
cup of coffee at the cabmen’s shelter
bun at the cabmen’s shelter
to operate the pianola at Bella Cohen’s 
U 1.442
U 1.724, U 5.308
U 17.579-80
U 10.699
U 10.837
U 10.306, U 17.466
U 11.1003
U 12.682
U 16.1700
U 16.1700
U 15.4016


pork kidney from Dlugacz
tip to porter at Newhaven
raffle ticket for a turkey
sheep’s trotter
one pound of Herzog’s sugar
admission to Nelson Pillar
U 4.180, U 17.1458
U 3.195
U 5.546
U 17.1471
U 12.39-40
U 7.942-3


cake of lemon soap
Dante’s methylated spirits  (1 pint?)
pig’s trotter
square of soda bread
admission to circus (child)
U 5.511
U 18.6-7 (ANS: 8½d a quart)
U 17.1470
U 17.1473
SH 243 


('fippence') the leg of the duck
FW 142.1-2


lunch at Rowe’s
tanner lunch (mutton, carrots &  turnips, Alsop) 
night at Mrs Maloney’s doss-house
game of billiards at Adelphi Hotel 
given to organ-grinder to go away 
value of a yearling sheep
U 8.367-8
U 8.926-7
U 16.167
SH 207
D: Eveline 
FW 69.17-18


('Tanner and a Make') among HCE’s nicknames    
FW 71.28


lunch at Davy Byrne’s
U 8.776, 17.1764


one pound of Lipton’s fairy cakes    
U 18.1554-5


lunch at the Burton
value of a yearling goat
U 8.368-9
FW 69.18-19


fine for scribicide (or £4)
FW 14.22


two pounds of cherry cakes
U 18.1155


Bridie Kelly’s charges (plus luckpenny) 
admission to Araby Bazaar
bottle of jalap
night at the Brazen Head
a dozen workingstacks
admission to museomound: 'Welsh and the Paddy Patkinses
   (others free)   
('ardree’s shilling') paid to army recruits   
('a scrab') admission to Feenichts Playhouse 
('a saxum shillum') tip to sexton  
U 14.1065-6
D: Araby
U 1.156 (ANS)
U 16.168-70
FW 6.1
FW 8.5-6
FW 49.4

FW 219.3-4
FW 281.L17-21

1s 1d

Tricoloured boater
FW 54.31-2

1s 2d

pound tin of Epps’ cocoa (also in 4 & 8 ox packets)   
U 17.356-7 (ANS)

1s 4d

brawn, quantity unspecified
U 7.939
1s 6d

bath and gratification

U 17.1460

1s 9d

twelve rolls of Dockrell’s wallpaper   
dinner at the Ormond Hotel (best value in Dub)
U 8.171, 15.914-5
U 11.1002

1s 11d

box of Iron Jelloids (also at 2s 8d)  
U 13.84 (ANS)


Stephen’s debt to Fred Ryan
reward for rescuing Reuben J. Dodd Jr
repairing broken statuette
tip to Meath Street prostitute
ticket to Eire Abu Society concert
one pound of Anne Lynch’s tea
secondhand astronomy book
('two bar') admission to boxing match (soldiers 1s) 
U 2.256, 9.1084
U 6.286-7
U 18.1016
U 13.871
D: A Mother 
U 17.308 (1s 11d: FW 325.4-5)
U 10.526
U 10.1136

2s 1d

Seven fingers of shopsoiled ribbon at Clery’s sale
('two bar and a wing') round of drinks at Burke’s  
U 13.160-1
U 14.1502-3

2s 2d

box of Widow Welch’s pills

U 13.85-6 (ANS)

2s 4d

slice of plumcake

D: Clay

2s 6d

Bank Holiday return rail fare Dublin-Mullingar
one dozen oysters
postal order for Martha Clifford
Terry’s bet on Zinfandel
Love Songs of Connacht
Demidoff’s jewel
U 4.452-3
U 18.63
U 11.867
U 12.1224
U 9.93-95 (English Cat. Books)
FW 329.29

2s 7d

one yard of black satin for blouse (or 2s 9d)  
U 11.111

2s 9d

Molly’s lotion
tam o’shanter, knitted

U 5.507
U 4.399 (ANS)

Hynes’s debt to Bloom
a sandwichman’s daily wage
pair grey flannelette bloomers (astonishing bargain)
one pound of Herzog’s tea
the Morkans’ tea (one pound?)
one pint of pulexes
priest’s fee for saying a mass
U 7.119, 8.1057
U 8.128-9
U 13.1235-6
U 12.38
D: The Dead
FW 438.22
FW 465.24, 520.12-16

3s 6d

boy’s man-o’war cap

U 13.14-15 (ANS)

3s 9d

Marge’s 'ethel' dress (reduced)

FW 166.6-8

4s 7d

Loan offered by HCE to his assailant

FW 83.1-2

4s 10d

bottle of Allan’s Anti-Fat

U 18.455-6 (ANS)

4s 11d

one pair of green knickers

U 13.725-6

cost per head of proposed picnic
ticket for preserved seat at concert
price realised at auction by pair of curtains
Bloom’s donation to Dignam fund
U 18.946
U 18.1289
U 10.648
U 10.974-6, 11.805, 17.1462

5s 6d

return rail fare Dublin-Mullingar

U 16.509


secondhand melodeon at Marks
raised by Farrington’s watch at pawnshop
U 11.1263-4
D: Counterparts


Eveline’s weekly wage as shop assistant   
Molly’s win at Leopardstown races
weekly rent of Denis Breen’s father’s house 
D: Eveline 
U 15.546
U 12.1069

7s 6d


U 17.1828

7s 9d

sailor suit, age 3-4

U 13.14 (ANS, cheapest style)

8s 6d

Dressing jacket (or 18s 6d)
Harris tweed cap

U 18.1497
U 17.1582


Stephen’s debt to Cousins
Bloom’s annual payment to cemetery gardener
a short time at Bella Cohen’s brothel   
raised by Temple’s watch at pawnshop
Stephen’s pocket money for first term at school
Bags Comisky’s fine for drunk and disorderly
twelve rolls embossed wallpaper
U 2.257
U 6.934
U 15.1985-6, 15.3453
SH 223
P 5
U 16.209-10
U 17.1535

10s 6d

Stephen’s debt to Bob Reynolds
Kernan’s secondhand coat
brass fender from Hampton Leedom’s
U 2.258
U 10.744
U 15.3188-91

10s 11d

Annie Chandler’s blouse (expensive)

D: A Little Cloud


One pair of trousers from Kino’s
weekly board at the Rum and Puncheon
U 8.90-2, 17.586
FW 70.1-2

11s 6d

kidfitting corset

U 18.448

12s 6d

Milly’s weekly wage as photographer’s assistant   
U 4.425


weekly board at Mrs Mooney’s
Gabriel’s weekly fee for book  reviews (paltry)

Sandow-Whiteley’s pulley exerciser (athlete’s model £1)
D: A Boarding House
D: The Dead
U 17.1817


Ormond barmaids’ weekly wage

U 11.1076-7

19s 11d

Josie Breen’s hat

U 15.550-1


fraudulent price of passage to Canada 
Menton’s contribution to Dignam fund
U 12.1088
U 6.569

£1 1s

Stephen’s debt to McCann and to Russell
Dr Collins’s fee for consultation
one ton of best Abram coal

U 2.25, 2.257
U 18.1109
U 17.128-9

£1 5s 6d

Geraghty’s debt to Herzog

U 12.41

£1 6s 6d

one pair of shepherd’s plaid trousers

FW 396.17-18

£1 7s

Price of 'springers' sold by Joe Cuffe

U 6.392-3

£1 7s 6d

Bloom’s commission from Freeman’s Journal

U 17.1459

£1 10s 9d


FW 396.18


dummy piano, 2 octaves (£2 10s 3 octaves)

U 11.842-3 (ANS)

£2 2s

Shem’s dress suit (brandnew)

FW 182.25-6

£3 3s

Stephen’s debt to Koehler

U 2.258

£3 12s

Stephen’s monthly salary as teacher

U 2.222, 16.177

£3 13s 6d

Philip Beaufoy’s fee for story
suggested price of corpse in Bloom’s fantasy

U 4.505
U 6.773-5


(‘six marks’) fine for scribicide (or 9d)

FW 14.22


prize in Answers competition
Bloom’s proposed State gift to newborn child

U 11.1024
U 8.383-4

£5 5s

Rumbold’s fee for execution

U 12.428-9


Mary Driscoll’s annual salary as housemaid

U 15.868

£6 6s

Fieldglasses with Goerz lenses

U 8.554

£8 8s

Kathleen Kearney’s promised fee as accompanist

D: A Mother


Stephen’s debt to Mulligan

U 2.255

£10 10s

Stephen’s debt to Curran

U 2.256


annual rent for Sandycove Martello Tower

U 17.1862-3

£18 14s 6d

Bloom’s bank balance at end of 1903

U 17.1862-3


mantle in Barnardo’s

P 103


valuation of 80 Eccles Street

U 4.236


Stephen’s school prize

P 102


valuation of Bloom’s ideal home

U 17.1501


Glynn’s annual salary as organist
Prize purse in Keogh/Bennett boxing match

U 5.396-7
U 10.1134-5, 12.960-1

£68 5s

lute from Arnold Dolmetsch

U 16.1766


Boylan’s win on Keogh/Bennett boxing match

U 12.942


Bloom’s proposed annual income for all

U 16.1133-5


damages for shock

U 15.647


value of Bloom’s Canadian stock

U 17.1864-5


value of Ascot Gold Cup

U 16.1277


price of Bloom’s ideal home

U 17.1661


Money prize added to Ascot Gold Cup

U 16.1277


Ben Dollard’s business losses
damages sought by Denis Breen for postcard

U 11.1014
U 8.262-3, 12.261


Supposed government prize for squaring the circle

U 15.2401, 17.1696-7

 John Smurthwaite