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Ignatius per ignotius: the short life and extraordinary times of Frederick Gallaher

                    1     Making his way in the world                 

                                      From Cork to Dublin
                                                   A plucky rescue
                                                   Life as a racing journalist
                                                   A quiet day at work
                                                   Consolidating his sporting and society credentials
                                                   Family matters and a little ruse


                                The Editor of Sport
                                           Fred Gallaher and the Phoenix Park murders: Skin the Goat Fitzharris
                                           The assassin Kelly and a sporting bet
                                           Information on an Invincible informer: James Carey
                                           Back on the newspaper beat after the Phoenix Park Affair

             3     More practical jokes and international sport

                                            Another publication and a sensational hoax
                                            Athletics, shipwreck, and America
                                            A Dublin mover and shaker
                                            Final years in Dublin

               4     Life and death in London                             

                                            A telegraphic agency
                                            Mitchell and Slavin
                                            Family concerns
                                            The wrong horses
                                            Another Invincible ruse
                                            Late Gallaher in Dubliners
                                            The last days of an erstwhile reporter

5     Addendum:

                a)  The eccentricities of a grandfather: Patrick Frederick Gallaher

              b)  Newspapers in the blood: John Blake Gallaher 
John Simpson   

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