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Introduction to the thirteenth issue

This new issue of the James Joyce Online Notes reviews some old chestnuts while at the same time offering new interpretations, as well as updates to the ongoing projects.

Harald Beck looks in detail at the problematic line associated with the German organist and composer Johannes Jeep: “Und alle Schiffe brücken”. Did Joyce misquote this intentionally? The Jeep-crux investigates the possibilities.

We are glad to publish notes by Dylan Emerick-Brown and Ronan Crowley, respectively on how to calculate the speed of the train to Cork from Dublin from the distance between telegraph poles, in Portrait, and on why Professor MacHugh addresses J. J. Molloy “in ferial tone”, while John Simpson examines the history of Jenny Lind soup.

There are further regular updates to the pronunciation and mapping page “Joyce’s Pronunciations” and “Coming and Goings: Joyce and the OED”.

Harald Beck
John Simpson

Editors, JJON