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James Joyce Online Notes (JJON) is an open-access journal that publishes articles and other information on the people, the words, and other cultural references in Ulysses and the earlier works of James Joyce.

This policy statement describes the way JJON manages the personal information it holds on people who subscribe to its mailing list. The editors will regularly review this policy and may make changes from time to time. Questions about the policy should be directed to the editors at (at)

What data do we hold?

· Email address list for mailing via Mailchimp: subscribers provide explicit consents.

How do we obtain this data?

· New subscribers provide personal details via a sign-up form on this website

· Subscribers provide updates to their data as and when: a new email address, changed address details, and so on.

How is the data stored?

· Subscribers' names and emails are stored online on the Mailchimp server and managed by the editors; access is by discrete login and password.

How is the data used?

· To maintain a list of subscribers for occasional newsletter and update mailings.

· To provide contact details when required by the editors.

Who has access to the data?

· The editors maintain the Mailchimp emails list.

· Data is not passed on or sold to any Third Party.

What is the legal basis for using this data under GDPR?

· Personal data about subscribers is used on the basis of Legitimate Interests

· Consent to use data under Legitimate Interests is implicit in its provision

· Explicit consent is sought for the use of email addresses.

What is the retention policy?

· Personal data is retained for as long as subscribers remained subscribed.

· Subscribers may ask at any time to see a copy of the information that the organisation holds on them, how it is was obtained and how it is being used

· Subscribers may at any time request that their personal data be amended or deleted from the database

· A subscriber may request that their email be removed from the Mailchimp list, by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the foot of an email. Their database record will be amended to show that they have withdrawn their consent

· If a subscriber is unhappy about the use of their data or has any other question, they should contact the editors: see details below.

Who is responsible for controlling this data?

· The editors are responsible for setting this Policy and for ensuring that it is observed.

· The editors have day-to-day management of subscribers' data.

Contact Details

The editors: (at)

Document History

First draft – 5 May 2018

Latest update - 5 May 2018