Introduction to the eighteenth issue

Perhaps the most important publication for the centenary of Ulysses in 2022 was the Annotations to James Joyce's Ulysses edited by Sam Slote, Marc A. Mamigonian, and John Turner, which represents the new benchmark for scholars trying to further elucidate the complexity of Joyce’s epic.

     In this eighteenth issue of James Joyce Online Notes we contribute a few further insights for this comprehensive and indispensable new handbook for readers of Ulysses. John Gordon helps us to elucidate a textual crux in the Cyclops episode, Vincent Deane familiarises us with Fletcherism and has discovered a new song alluded to in Ulysses. Harald Beck offers a mixed bag of short notes ranging from frozen music or a cod in the wrong pot to hot omelette on the posterior and points a judashand at a moonflower.

     This is hopefully sufficient for the day, but more will inevitably come to light.


Harald Beck

John Simpson

Co-editors, JJON



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