A good cigar is a smoke

U 15.2897-8: (he belches) And suck my thumping good Stock Exchange cigar while I read the Licensed Victualler's Gazette.

Trade names often make sense. For Don Gifford (Ulysses Annotated) the “Stock Exchange cigar” is of “unknown” significance. But by 1888 the Stock Exchange Cigar Company was retailing upmarket cigars to its plutocratic clientele from 11 Wall Street, deep in the financial district of New York City, and at the postal address used today by the New York Stock Exchange:

Stock Exchange Cigar Co, from 11 Wall st to 15 William st.

World (New York) (1888), 1 May, p. 3

But these cigars weren’t the exclusive preserve of the Stock Exchange Cigar Company. In 1895 the magazine Forest and Stream (vol. 44, p. 360) was offering "100 Armstrong Stock Exchange cigars" as second prize in a competition, and in 1905 Robert E. Lane sold “Stock Exchange Cigars […] made of Finest Vuelta Abajo Tobacco” from his ‘headquarters’ at No. 6 Wall Street (World, 26 October). Joyce introduces the name to add lustre to the champagne lifestyle of Bello’s cruel and dreamlike existence.

John Simpson

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