Bartell d'Arcy: background detail

A selection of extracts from the newspapers

An early public performance in Dublin, when the singer was still advertised as ‘Mr. B. M‘Carthy’, rather than ‘Bartle M‘Carthy’:

Exhibition Building. Literary and Musical Entertainment In the aid of the Distress in the Agricultural Districts of France… To-morrow (Tuesday) Evening, 11th April, 1871… Mr. B. M’Carthy Will Sing two Popular Songs. Programme:.. Song, ‘Io t’amero’… Campana. Mr. B. M’Carthy…. Song, ‘Si tu savais'… Balfe. Mr. B. M’Carthy.’

Freeman's Journal (1871) 10 April

A good review for the young tenor, singing some popular Irish songs to an appreciative audience:

St. Joseph’s Catholic Total Abstinence League. – [Lecture by Professor Lloyd on ‘Thomas Moore’.].. During the evening Mr. Bartholomew M’Carthy sang ‘Dear Harp of my Country’ in splendid style… Mr. B. M’Carthy also rendered the ballads of ‘Kathleen Mavourneen’ and ‘Norah the Pride of Kildare’ in a truly artistic manner.

Nation (1872) 15 February

One of the first ‘Flynn’ concerts in the Antient Concert Rooms in Great Brunswick Street (now Pearse Street). Note that as well as ‘Miss Flynn’ (one of the Morkan sisters of ‘The Dead’ and a great-aunt of James Joyce on his mother’s side), the stage is also graced by John Stanislaus Joyce, the writer’s father, and Miss Callanan of the Royal Irish Academy of Music (Mary Ellen Callanan, whose mother Ellen Callanan née Flynn was another of the writer’s great aunts):

Antient Concert Room… Miss Flynn has the honour to announce a Grand Concert… By the following Artistes – Miss Mary Russell, Miss Tizzie M‘Grath, Miss M O’Farrell, Mr J S Joyce, Mr B M‘Carthy, Mr Fairfield Magrane, And Mr W H Wood. Solo Pianoforte – Miss Callanan, RIAM.

Freeman’s Journal (1883) 17 November

New Music… ‘Songs of Erin’. Song. Dedicated to Mr. Justin M‘Carthy, M.P. Words and Music by Kinnersley Lewis. Dublin: Cramer, Wood, and Co… We should add that the title-page announces that this song has been sung by the popular Dublin tenor, Mr. Bartle M‘Carthy.

Nation (1884) 19 July

A repeat performance at what is now the Misses Flynn’s annual concert at the Antient Concert Rooms, in company with John Stanislaus Joyce again:

Antient Concert Rooms, Great Brunswick Street. The Misses Flynn Have the honour to announce A Grand Concert on Monday Evening, November 24th, 1884, By the following Artistes – Miss Kate Kean, RIAM, Mr Bartle M‘Carthy, Mr W H Wood, Mrs Ward Moriarty, Mr J O’Farrell, Mr J S Joyce. Solo Pianoforte – Miss Callanan, RIAM.

Freeman’s Journal (1884) 12 November

Numerous other concerts – just some of those in which Bartle sang:

Mrs Maughan Henchy’s the Ancient Concert Rooms… Mr. B M‘Carthy was very successful in his songs, ‘Question and Answer’ (Caldicott) and ‘Sans Adieu’ (Blumenthal). In response to an encore he sang, with great sweetness, ‘Good-bye, Sweetheart’. His voice is a very clear though not powerful tenor, and his style of singing is all that could be desired… Miss Callanan was applauded for a pianoforte solo ‘Airs Bohemiena’ (Schulhoff).

Freeman’s Journal (1885) 21 October

Antient Concert Rooms: the following eminent artistes, Mr Bartle M‘Carthy, Mr Marks, Mr Beardwood, and Mr Joyce will sing at the Misses Flynn’s Concert on Monday, 17th May.

Freeman’s Journal (1886) 12 May

Abandon everything else; Concert of Irish Music in Parochial Hall, Ringsend, Wednesday, 13th October; Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress, and High Sheriff present. Reserved seats, 1s; unreserved, 6d.

All should hear Miss O’Connor, Miss Kernan, Miss O’Hart, RIAM; Miss Flynn, Miss Callanan, Miss Lyons, Miss Finn, at Ringsend, Wednesday evening. Special trains after concert.

Also Messrs Bartle M‘Carthy, J F Beardwood, RIAM; J H Gibbs, W H Beardwood, N P Healy, and J Mason. Tickets at Mannock’s, Lalor’s, and Lesage’s; prices, 1s and 6d.

Freeman’s Journal (1886) 11 October [advertisements]

Antient Concert Rooms, Great Brunswick Street. The Misses Flynn’s Annual Benefit Concert Will take place on Wednesday Evening, April 27th, At Eight o’clock. – Artistes: Miss Mary Russell, Miss Lucy Kernan, and Miss Annie Geale (who has kindly consented to sing), Mr Bartle M‘Carthy, Mr. J. Beardwood, Mr P Macfle Wright, Mr M Barry, Mr L Flanagan, Mr P Whelan, Mr J M‘Bride. Solo Pianoforte – Miss Callanan… Tickets may be obtained at the principal Music Shops and at 15 Usher’s island.

Freeman’s Journal (1887) 23 April

Family concerns – a son, and the death of his father – recorded in the announcements sections of the papers:

M‘Carthy – May 16, 1887, at Dolphin Cottage, South Circular road, the wife of Bartle M‘Carthy of a son.

1887 Freeman’s Journal (1887) 19 May [births]

M‘Carthy – December 11, 1887, at the residence of his son, 6 Cumberland place, NC road, Mr Bartholomew M‘Carthy. RIP. Funeral will leave for Glasnevin at 9.30 o’clock on this (Tuesday) morning.

Freeman’s Journal (1887) 13 December [deaths]

Bartle’s talents started to be appreciated outside Ireland:

Concert to Mr Bartle M‘Carthy. Last night a farewell complimentary concert was given to Mr Bartle M‘Carthy in the Antient Concert Rooms.’

Irish Times (1888) 6 July

On Easter Tuesday the annual Feis Ceoil agus Seanachas – Irish Musical Festival – of the Gaelic Society, took place in Steinway and Tammany Halls. Judge Joseph F. Daly, of the Court of Common Pleas, presided, and among the artistes were: William Ludwig, Miss Inez Carusi, harpist; Miss Carrie Hun-King, soprano; Miss Clara E. Stutsman, also; Mr. Bartle M‘Carthy, tenor; Mr. Ricardo Ricci, bass; and Mr. Kerrigan, piper. The programme was made up of selections, old-time Irish songs and ballads, many of which were sung in the Irish language.

Nation (1890) 19 April

Mr. M‘Carthy’s Concert. Mr. Bartle M‘Carthy will give his benefit concert in the Antient Concert Rooms on Tuesday, the 17th inst. As he has just returned from a most successful tour both in London and America, his numerous friends will be glad to welcome him back to Dublin by giving him a bumper house on this occasion.

Freeman’s Journal (1890) 7 June

A few more concerts in Dublin, but Bartle’s time there is drawing to a close, as his profession – hat-making – finds it very hard to compete with machine-produced headwear from England and elsewhere:

Antient Concert Rooms, Mr Southwell’s Annual concert; gentleman artists, Mr Bartle M‘Carthy, [etc.]… Solo Pianist, Miss Callanan, ex-Scholar RIAM.

Freeman’s Journal (1891) 7 December

The Misses Flynn’s Concert. Last night the Misses Flynn gave their annual concert in the Antient Concert Rooms… Mr. Bartle M‘Carthy, who is well known in Dublin musical circles, sang ‘Stay, Darling, Stay’, a song which gave him full opportunity for the display of his fine tenor voice… Miss Mordaunt Byrne… Miss M Johnson… Mr. J Butterly… Miss Callanan’s pianoforte playing was a very interesting portion of the concert. [Etc.]’

Freeman’s Journal (1892) 19 January

Grand Inaugural Concert, Workingmen’s Club, Wellington quay, Monday Evening next, November 28th; great array of first-class talent; Mr W Dever, principal baritone, Arthur Roushey and Carl Rosa Carmen Companies; Mr Bartle M‘Carthy, Mr T G Warren, Mr P Craven, Miss Turner, Miss M Carrell, Miss Annie Ryan will take part.

Freeman’s Journal (1892) 28 November

A good way to leave, via the World’s Fair in Chicago:

Mr. Bartle M‘Carthy. This well-known Irish artiste has arranged to sing at the Irish Village in the World’s Fair at Chicago, the engagement lasting during the months of August and September. Mr M‘Carthy will sail for the United States in the course of a few days.

Irish Times (1893) 20 July

Irish Singers were Favorites... From Lady Aberdeen’s Irish Industries association came Bartle McCarthy, [etc.].... Mr. McCarthy’s soul-stirring tenor voice was heard in that old-time favorite, ‘Kathleen Mavourneen’, and ‘The Pride of Kildare’, the latter being his response to an encore.

Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago) (1893) 15 August