Introduction to the second issue

The first issue of the James Joyce Online Notes was published at the end of September 2011. Since then, we have published a range of new articles every few weeks and these (plus a further 21 entirely new articles) are now aggregated in the second issue of JJON.

We’d particularly like to thank those readers who have expressed interest in (and sometimes appreciation of) the site. We were delighted to find that it is linked to from various Joycean sites, and was even noted once or twice in publications such as the Irish Times.

The second issue contains 60 articles: it would be invidious to pick out individual ones, but take a look anyway at Bob Janusko on the Wonderworker (and read the original patent), or Eamonn Finn on ‘corns on his kismet’. Or read the latest on the (once) controversial replacement of goner by doner. Perhaps look through the brief lives of some of John Stanislaus Joyce’s colleagues at the office of the Dublin Collector General of the Rates, keep up to date with the latest on Norman W. Tupper, and discover the source of Molly's 'In my hand there steals another'. We hope that JJON is gradually helping to introduce more depth into our understanding of Dublin life in Joyce’s day.

An innovation in this issue is the tab called ‘Gifford Corrections’. Under this you will find some examples of suggested amendments and additions to the standard notes provided by Don Gifford and others. We hope that this section will grow rapidly as more facts come to light which assist us in the interpretation of Joyce’s texts. We are confident that quite a few readers will have something in their files for this category and so we are providing a downloadable template, to make contributions as easy to compile and as uniform as possible.

A reminder that the easiest way to access articles is through the main Index (see the Index tab).

Harald Beck

John Simpson

Co-Editors, JJON