Introduction to the seventh issue

The twenty-four articles in the seventh issue of the James Joyce Online Notes bring the series total to over two hundred. The editors are delighted to welcome three new contributors - Ian Gunn, George Bergman and William Huth - alongside others who have already contributed to JJON in the past.

Ian Gunn relocates the steps at the end of Leahy's Terrace on Sandymount Strand and shows that we have been thinking that Bloom and Gerty were further away from the Star of the Sea church than was actually the case. Aida Yared remarkably discovers the postcard from Bolivia – with the legend “Choza de Indios. Beni, Bolivia” - that Murphy proudly displays to the cronies.

There are several other strands amongst the articles. Two articles review aspects of the much-contested "U.P: up" debate, one from a lexicographical angle and another seeking the identity of Breen's anonymous libeller. Terence Killeen investigates two letters which shed new light on the relationship between Gogarty/Mulligan and his "afflicted" mother, and Harald Beck uncovers the identity of Gogarty's mysterious aunt. John Simpson takes another look at some old songs alluded to by Joyce, and finds Chase me, Charlie and Sister Susie's Playing, amongst others.

Numerous expressions are examined, often with a view to demonstrating their occurrence before Joyce. How did the milk get into the coconut? Is there anybody here for there? (and vice versa). Could a swim duck? And new light on the arm-strap around which Bloom wrapped himself on the road to Glasnevin and Paddy Dignam’s funeral.

Harald Beck

John Simpson

September 2014