Introduction to the third issue

In the course of the past year JJON has provided over a hundred notes that offer new insights into Ulysses and Joyce's earlier works. We would like to thank Ronan Crowley, Eamonn Finn, Clive Hart, Bob Janusko, John Smurthwaite, Aida Yared, and Philip Keel Geheber for their valuable contributions.

New notes (in the third issue) on Lynam in Ulysses and Mulrennan in Portrait continue to demonstrate that Joyce's name-dropping is done with a purpose. In the Words section another set of ephemeral phrases (such as Only for the other dog) have been preserved and explained, while in Allusions we learn what Dusty Rhodes has in common with the man in the macintosh and what specific books two dubious titles in Bloom's library might refer to.

See the Contents page for a full listing of articles in the new issue.

Harald Beck

John Simpson

Editors, JJON

September 2012