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Bacon, Francis, The wisdom of the ancients and The New Atlantis (London: Cassell, 1886) [Link to 1900 ed., but only snippet view outside US.]

Bakunin, Michael, God and the State (London: Freedom Press, 1910)

Balfour, Andrew, By Stroke of Sword (Leipzig: Heinemann and Balestier, 1898) [Link to 1897 New York ed.]

Balzac, Honoré de, Béatrix (Paris: Calmann-Lévy, n.d.) [Link to Paris: Souverain ed., 1840.]

Balzac, Honoré de, The Country Doctor, trans. Ellen Marriage (London: Macmillan, 1896) [Link to 1895 New York ed. of Marriage’s translation.]

Balzac, Honoré de, L'Enfant maudit (Paris: Calmann-Lévy, n.d.) [Link to 1892 Calmann-Lévy ed., Michel Lévy.]

Balzac, Honoré de, La Femme de trente ans (Paris: Calmann-Lévy, n.d.) [Link to Paris: Michel Lévy 1868 ed.]

Balzac, Honoré de, Histoire des treize (Paris: Calmann-Lévy, n.d.) [Link to 1892 Calmann-Lévy ed.]

Balzac, Honoré de, Louis Lambert (Paris: Flammarion, n.d.) [Link to 1858 Paris Libraire Nouvelle ed.]

Balzac, Honoré de, Mémoires de deux jeunes mariées (Paris: Calmann-Lévy, n.d.) [Link to 1891 Calmann-Lévy ed.]

Balzac, Honoré de, Les Paysans (Paris: Calmann-Lévy, n.d.) [Link to 1876 Calmann-Lévy ed.]

Balzac, Honoré de, Petites miseres de la vie conjugale (t.p. missing) [Link to Calmann-Lévy 1892 ed.]

Balzac, Honoré de, Physiologie du mariage (Paris: Calmann-Lévy, n.d.) [Link to Calmann-Lévy 1894 ed.]

Balzac, Honoré de, La Recherche de l'absolu (Paris: Calmann-Lévy, n.d.) [Link to Michel Lévy 1874 ed.] [1884 Calmann-Lévy ed. only in US through Hathi Trust.]

Balzac, Honoré de, Les Rivalités: La Vieille fille and Le Cabinet des antiques (Paris: Calmann-Lévy, n.d.) [Link to Calmann-Lévy 1892 ed.]

Balzac, Honoré de, A Woman of Thirty, trans. Ellen Marriage (London, 1910) [Link to London 1897 ed. of Marriage’s trans.]

Bandello, Matteo, Le Novelle, ed. Gioachino Brognoligo, vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 (5) (Bari: Gius. Laterza, 1910-11) [All vols viewable in the US from Hathi Trust; vols 4 and 5 Link from]

Barnett, Annie, and Dale, Lucy, An Anthology of English Prose (1332 to 1740) (London: Longmans Green, 1912)

Barrie, J. M., Peter Pan (London: Hodder and Stoughton, n.d.) [Link to Peter Pan and Wendy: Hodder and Stoughton, n.d.]

Barrie, J. M., The Twelve Pound Look [Link to 1921 Hodder edition; ed. 1 = 1914.]

Barry, William, The Papacy and Modern Times (London: Williams and Norgate, n.d.) [Link to Williams and Norgate ed. 1, 1911.]

Bartholomew, J. G., A Literary and Historical Atlas of Europe (London: Dent, and New York: Dutton, Everyman, 1915)

Bassalik-de Vries, J. C. E., William Blake in His Relation to Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Basel: Brin, 1911)

Bazin, René, The Nun (New York: Eveleigh Nash, 1908) [Link to 1908 New York (Scribner’s) ed.]

Beaumont, Francis, and Fletcher, John, The Works, vol. I, including The Maid's Tragedy, Philaster, A King and No King, The Scornful Lady, The Custom of the Country, ed. Arnold Glover (Cambridge University Press, 1905)

Bédier, Joseph, Le Roman de Tristan et Iseut (Paris: Edition d'Art, H. Piazza, n.d.)

Bédier, Joseph, The Romance of Tristram and Iseult, trans. Florence Simmonds (Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1910)

Beethoven, Ludwig van, Fidelio (score) (Leipzig: Universal Bibliothek, n.d.) [Link to C. F. Peters: Leipzig score.]

Beethoven, Ludwig van, Symphonien Nr. 1-3 (scores) (Leipzig, n.d., but probably about 1 January 1917)

Beethoven, Ludwig van, Symphonien Nr. 7-9 (scores) (Leipzig, n.d., but probably about 15 January 1918) [Accessible online only through Hathi Trust in US.]

Belvederian, The (Belvedere College, Dublin), I, no. 1 (Summer 1906)

Benco, Silvio, La Fiamma fredda (Milan, 1904)

Berard, Victor, Les Phéniciens et l’Odyssée, 2 vols. (vol. 2) (Paris, 1902-3)

Bergson, Henri, L’Evolution créatrice (Paris: Félix Alcan, 1914) [Link to 1908 Alcan edition.]

Bergson, Henri, The Meaning of the War: Life and Matter in Conflict (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1915). [Link to pdf of this edition.]

Berlitz, I. (otherwise unidentified)

Besant, Annie, Une Introduction à la Théosophie (Paris: Publications Théosophiques, 1907)

Besant, Annie, The Path of Discipleship (London: Theosophical Publishing Society, 1904) [Link to 1910 TPS ed.]

Bible (King James version) (London, 1825)

Biblia Sacra (Vulgate), ed. Valentinus Loch, 2 vols. [1902] [Accessible only in US.]

Björnson, Björnstjerne, The Fisher Lass (London: Heinemann, 1908)

Blake, William, Poems of, ed. W. B. Yeats (London: Routledge, Muses' Library [June 1905])

Blake, William, The Poems, with prefatory note by Joseph Skipsey (London: Walter Scott, n.d.)

Blake, William, The Poetical Works of, ed. William Michael Rossetti (London: George Bell, 1911) [Link to 1914 printing.]

Bleibtreu, Carl, Das Byron-Geheimnis (Munich and Leipzig: Georg Müller, 1912)

Bodkin, Richard, Logic for All (Dublin: Browne and Nolan, 1910)

Boehme, Jacob, The Signature of All Things (London: Dent, Everyman, (1912])

Boileau, Nicolas, Le Lutrin (Paris: Henri Gautier, n.d.) (Bibliothèque Populaire Nouvelle, no. 361)

Boine, Giovanni, II Peccato [n.d.]

Bonn, M. J., Irland und die Irische Frage (Munich und Leipzig: Verlag Duncker und Humblot, 1918)

Bormann, Edwin, Francis Bacon's Cryptic Rhymes (London: Siegle, Hill, 1906)

Bossuet, Jacques-Bénigne, Sermons Choisis (Paris: Librairie Firmin Dodot Frères, 1860) [Link to 1851 Dodot ed.]

Bourget, Paul, Sensations d’Italie (Paris: Alphonse Lemmere, 1891)

Boyle, John F., The Irish Rebellion of 1916 (London: Constable, 1916)

Boyle, William, The Building Fund (Dublin: M.H. Gill, 1916) [Link to 1906 Dublin Maunsell ed.]

Boyle, William, Family Failing (Dublin: M. H. Gill, 1912) [Accessible through Hathi Trust, only in US.]

Boyle, William, The Mineral Workers (Dublin: M. H. Gill, 1916) [Accessible through Hathi Trust, only in US.]

Bracciforte, Ferdinando, Chiave dei temi sceneggiati [Link to an apparent version of this text, 1889.]

Bracciforte, Ferdinando, Grammatica della lingua inglese

Brachet, Auguste, The Public School Elementary French Grammar (2 parts) adapted by P. H. E. Brette and Gustave Masson, revised by K. Janau (London and Paris: Hachette, 1891) [Link to an 1878 Brette/Masson ed.]

Brandes, George, William Shakespeare, A Critical Study (London: Heinemann, 1911) [Link to 1905 Heinemann ed.]

Brillat-Savarin, Physiologie du goût ou Méditations de gastronomie transcendante (Paris: Garnier Frères, n.d.)

Britisches gegen Deutsches Imperium (Anon.), with a Foreword by Roger Casement (Berlin: Verlag Gebrüder Paetel, 1915) [pdf.]

British Theatre comprising Tragedies, Comedies, Operas and Farces (Leipzig: Frederick Fleischer, 1828)

Brontë, Charlotte, Jane Eyre (London: Faudel, Phillips, n.d.) [Publisher: R. E. King.]

Browning, Robert, Selections from the Poetical Works (London: Smith, Elder, 1891) [Link to 1890 Smith, Elder ed.]

Bruno, Giordano, Degli Eroicifurori, 2 vols. (Milan: Sonzogno, 1906) [Link to one-volume 1864 Milan text, ed. Daelli]

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward, The Last Days of Pompeii (Leipzig: Tauchnitz, 1879)

Bunyan, John, Pilgrim's Progress (London: Religious Tract Society, n.d.) [Link to 1904 Religious Tract Society ed.]

Burke, Thomas, Limehouse Nights (London: Grant Richards, 1917) [Link to 1917 New York McBride ed.]

Burnet, John, Aristotle on Education (Cambridge University Press, 1903)

Burns, Robert, The Poetical Works (Oxford University Press, World's Classics, 1919) [Link to 1908 Oxford Complete edition.]

Burns, Robert, The Poetical Works of (Halifax: Milner and Sowerby, 1855) [Link to 1852 Milner and Sowerby ed.]

Burton, Richard, The Anatomy of Melancholy (London: B. Blake, 1836) [Link to 1838 Blake ed.]

Busoni, Ferruccio, Entwurf einer neuen Ästhetik der Tonkunst (Leipzig: InseI-Verlag, 1916)

Butler, O'Brien, Seven Original Irish Melodies (Belfast: Pigott, 1903)

Butler, Samuel, The Authoress of the Odyssey (London: A. C. Fifield, [1897])

Butler, Samuel, Erewhon (London: A. G. Fifield, 1917) [Link to 1920 Fifield ed.]

Butler, Samuel, The Humour of Homer (London: A. C. Fifield, 1913)

Butler, Samuel, Shakespeare's Sonnets (London: A. C. Fifield, [1899])

Butler, Samuel, The Way of all Flesh (London: A.C. Fifield, 1911) [Link to 1908 Fifield ed.]

Byron, Lord, Poems (London, Routledge, n.d.) [Link to Routledge 1866 ed.]

Byron, May, A Day with Richard Wagner (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1911) [Link to Hodder New York ed.]

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